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Warlock Apprentice

Warlock Apprentice

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The novel "Warlock Apprentice" has gained widespread popularity among readers, as it delves into the realms of Fantasy, Mature themes, and Slice of Life. Penned by the talented Shepherd Fox, this light novel has a whopping 1028 chapters that have been translated, with more translations currently in the works.


The position of a wizard holds a higher status across all continents and in the vast universal realm. The words mysterious, wise, cruel, and bloodthirsty are often associated with these powerful beings. But what truly defines a wizard? After delving into the world of wizards, Angel came to a realization. Wizards are individuals who enlighten themselves with intellectual concepts, yet exist in a world that values materialism. In simpler terms, they are like alternative scientists who walk a solitary path in their quest to understand reality. Their existence spans across multiple worlds, with endless overlapping dimensions. Guided by their intelligence, they have forged their own paths of civilization. The wizard world, with its unique cultivation of knowledge, stretches through the infinite planes. Despite their immense strength, the mysteries of the universe remain unbreakable to even the most powerful wizards. That is, until a traveler from another multiverse stumbled upon this world. This traveler is not the main character of our story, but their arrival will bring about important events that cannot be ignored.


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