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Undefeated God of War

Undefeated God of War

Chapters 945Views 11Bookmarked 3.1KStatusOngoing
The widely acclaimed Undefeated God of War novel has taken the literary world by storm, captivating readers with its blend of Fantasy, Comedy, and Action. Penned by the talented author Fang Xiang, this masterpiece spans an impressive 945 chapters, all of which have been expertly translated for readers to enjoy. With the translation of every single chapter now complete, fans can fully immerse themselves in this epic tale.


The prime of life is meant to be spent toiling under the blazing sun, To constantly fight battles and emerge victorious in the end. The never-ending trek on the path to success, a relentless adventure, A testament to the fiery spirit of a young warrior. A dream cherished by all, fueled by the fire in our veins, Forever youthful, an invincible deity of war.


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