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The Novel's Extra

The Novel's Extra

Chapters 476Views 170Bookmarked 3.1KStatusOngoing
: The Novels Extra is a well-known light novel that encompasses elements of Action, Comedy, and Drama. It was penned by the talented author Jee Gab Song and has a total of 476 translated chapters, with ongoing translations for the remaining ones.


As Kim Hajin awakens, he realizes he is in a world that feels familiar yet foreign, inhabiting a body that is not his own. This is the very world he had crafted and the story he had penned, but one that remained incomplete. He now exists as a mere extra in his own novel, a character meant to fill space with no significant role to play. The only hope for escape lies in following the main plot closely, but as he delves deeper, he discovers that this world is not an exact replica of his imagination.


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