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The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

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:"The highly acclaimed novel, "The King of Hells Genius Pampered Wife," is a beloved light novel that encompasses elements of action, drama, and fantasy. It is written by the talented author Xiang Si Zi and currently has 1595 translated chapters with more translations on the way."


At the extravagant Gluttonous Houses event, a young girl with an extraordinary ability to withstand heat was up for sale at an exorbitant price. Everyone was vying to claim her as their own. But then, something unexpected happened. The girl, who had been confined in a gilded cage, opened her eyes and emitted a chilling glare. She was no longer timid or weak. In fact, she was the most skilled assassin of the 21st century, reborn into the role of Nalan Hexi, the neglected and mistreated third daughter of the genius doctors manor. Despite having her meridians completely destroyed and lacking any innate talents, she had no fear. She was a prodigious healer, and these injuries were nothing to her. Her father showed her no love, her mother ignored her, and everyone plotted against her. But with an alternate dimension at her disposal and an invincible spirit pet by her side, she could easily destroy the insignificant Nalan Manor with a mere flick of her hand. With her unattractive appearance and frail health, no one wanted her. But with a blink of an eye, she regained her unparalleled beauty and gained a dozen handsome men as her bodyguards. That arrogant man who had been persistently pursuing her since the auction? He thought he could claim her as his own. But she had other plans. "Who said I was meant to be yours?" she declared. "I am my own person, and no one can dictate my future." And then, that certain man spoke up. "Then I am yours," he said. "Will that suffice?"


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