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Still, Wait For Me (Xnovel)

Still, Wait For Me (Xnovel)

Chapters 691Views 13Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
The novel "Still, Wait For Me" has taken the literary world by storm with its thrilling blend of Adventure, Drama, and Romance. Penned by the talented Xiang Tingsheng, this light novel has captured the hearts of readers everywhere. With a whopping 691 chapters translated and all of them expertly completed, it's no wonder this novel has gained such popularity.


Unexpectedly reborn in the year 2003, after a disastrous past life, Xu Tingsheng's main concern is still her. But unfortunately, he is only months away from starting university while she is just beginning junior high school. All he can do for now is wait silently and hope for the best. Meanwhile, there are other matters at hand. Many things went wrong in his previous life. Given the opportunity to change them, it would be wise to take another spin of the roulette wheel with better odds and try to alter those dismal fates. But in some cases, is there even an alternative? As the butterfly flaps its wings, Xu Tingsheng's new life is filled with the power of foresight and intelligence, leading him to excellence. His personal charm and character also attract women to him. He strives for success, always keeping in mind the purpose of his existence and the need to protect and cherish what he has achieved. Amidst all this, the season of youth blooms for the young, with complex and passionate romances and fiery battles that never fail to inspire. This thought-provoking story of life, set in modern times, delves deep into philosophical themes. It challenges readers to contemplate on life, living, and the choices we make.


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