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Shura's Wrath

Shura's Wrath

Chapters 850Views 25Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
"Shura's Wrath is a beloved light novel that explores the realms of Lolicon, Mature, and Action, penned by the talented author Mars Gravity. With a whopping 850 chapters translated, the entire story has been brought to life for readers to enjoy."


In a world where virtual warfare reigns supreme, Ling Chen is saved by a young girl on the brink of death. Years later, he makes a deal to save his savior-turned-sister and enters the virtual realm. As he rises to fame in this futuristic Earth, Ling Chen's past comes back to haunt him and a greater mystery unfolds within the virtual world. Determined to save his dying sister, Ling Chen immerses himself in the newly released virtual game and joins an all-female gaming studio. With each step, he climbs closer to the top, aided by the ancient Lunar Scourge - a powerful and forgotten item that shapes his legendary destiny. But little does he know, his path is fated to be punished by the heavens, leading him down the treacherous road of the shura.


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