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Seoul Station's Necromancer

Seoul Station's Necromancer

Chapters 209Views 11Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
The novel "Seoul Stations Necromancer" has taken the literary world by storm, captivating readers with its thrilling blend of action, adventure, and comedy. Penned by the talented author Wu Jinseol, this light novel has been translated into 209 chapters, with all translations now available for eager fans to enjoy.


: As Kang Woojin steps into the dungeon at Gwachun Station's 1st exit, he realizes that his return to Earth after being summoned to a foreign planet for two decades has brought him to a completely different world. The once familiar and ordinary Earth has transformed into something unfamiliar and extraordinary. Stripped of his previous strength and youth, Kang Woojin must now start from scratch and embark on a new journey to reclaim his title as the strongest Necromancer on Earth. Follow his story as he navigates through this new reality and rises to the top once again.


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