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Release That Witch

Release That Witch

Chapters 1498Views 21Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
"Er Mu's novel, Release That Witch, has gained a large following for its captivating blend of Romance, Mystery, and Action. With 1498 chapters translated and the entire story now available in English, fans can fully immerse themselves in this thrilling tale."


Cheng Yan found himself transported to a medieval European-like realm, taking on the identity of Prince Roland. However, this new world was far from what he knew, despite some similarities. Here, witches were not just mythical beings, but real and capable of wielding magic. As Roland vies for the throne against his own siblings, his chances seem slim. The king has already deemed him a lost cause, with the worst possible starting position. But armed with his knowledge of modern technology and aided by the very witches who are considered servants of the devil and persecuted by the Holy Church, Roland may just have a shot at victory. And so, his journey begins. Will he be able to overcome the odds and claim the throne? Only time will tell.


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