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Rebirth of the Evil Mother-In-Law

Rebirth of the Evil Mother-In-Law

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The resurgence of the notorious novel, "Evil Mother-In-Law," has taken the literary world by storm. This captivating light novel, penned by the talented Zhái Miāo, delves into the dramatic, mysterious world of Josei fiction. With a whopping 425 chapters already translated and the rest soon to follow, readers can immerse themselves in the thrilling tale from start to finish.


: Following her lonely death in a mental institution, Fang Junrong was shocked to discover that she was the infamous evil mother-in-law in a popular novel about a wealthy family. In the story, her daughter-in-law was the beloved female lead who captured the hearts of all with her kindness and charm. The male lead was so enamored with her that he would do anything for her. Even her future father-in-law adored her and treated her like his own daughter. But Fang Junrong, as the evil mother-in-law, was the only one who held no affection for her. She had access to the script of the villainous character and took every opportunity to sabotage the female lead, ultimately leading to her own downfall and institutionalization. However, after being reborn and facing her son who sought her approval, Fang Junrong ripped up the script. She no longer wanted to play the role of the evil mother-in-law. She was ready to get a divorce and claim half of the family's fortune. As for her future plans, she would figure them out later.


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