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Poison Genius Consort (Xnovel)

Poison Genius Consort (Xnovel)

Chapters 1370Views 19Bookmarked 3.1KStatusOngoing
The Poison Genius Consort novel has become a beloved light novel among readers, delving into the thrilling worlds of Action, Adventure, and Drama. Penned by the talented author Jie Mo, this epic tale spans an impressive 1370 chapters, all of which have been expertly translated for your reading pleasure. No chapter has been left behind in the translation process, ensuring a complete and immersive experience for fans.


Despite her timid and easily intimidated nature, she was deemed useless and unattractive with no medical expertise. In contrast, the Duke of Qin was a highly esteemed figure in Tianning, revered by millions and possessing the ability to sway even the highest powers. On their wedding day, the bridal sedan arrived at the grand entrance, only to be met with the closed gates of the Duke's residence. The bride was told to return the next day. Undeterred, she boldly walked through the Duke's doors, her head held high with pride. Little did they know, this seemingly unremarkable woman was actually a brilliant doctor specializing in poisons. After being transported back in time, Han Yunxi finds herself betrothed to the second most influential man in the country. However, her future seems far from ideal as her husband is cold and distant, her in-laws find her repulsive, and the empress dowager has ulterior motives for wanting her in the family. To make matters worse, schemes involving poison are constantly brewing. Alone and surrounded by political intrigue and the dangerous world of jianghu, Yunxi must use her intelligence and wit to navigate her way through. She knows when to adapt and when to use force in order to not just survive, but thrive in this treacherous environment. No matter what challenges come her way, she will prove that she deserves to live and succeed.


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