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Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Otherworldly Evil Monarch

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The Otherworldly Evil Monarch novel has captured the hearts of readers with its captivating blend of Fantasy, Harem, and Action elements. Penned by the talented author Fengling Tianxia, this light novel boasts an impressive 1278 chapters that have all been expertly translated for readers to enjoy. With every chapter now available in English, fans can fully immerse themselves in this otherworldly tale.


: Jun Xie was once known as the most skilled and feared assassin on modern earth. His expertise in the art of killing was unmatched, his achievements unparalleled, and his name alone was enough to strike fear into the hearts of the underworld. However, a twist of fate during a mission to retrieve a powerful artifact changed everything. Now, Jun Xie is known as Jun Moxie, a sixteen-year-old playboy with a reputation for indulging in all sorts of vices. He is also the sole heir to the declining Jun family, a once-proud clan of heroes now reduced to an old grandfather, a crippled uncle, and a debauchee as their only hope for survival. Despite facing criticism and disdain from the world, Jun Moxie faces it all with a smile as he embarks on a new journey. His life will no longer be dictated by the expectations of others. Instead, he will carve his own path to the top as the infamous Evil Monarch Jun Xie. As he raises his cup in a toast, he pays tribute to those he has killed in his past life, knowing they can never seek revenge. And with another gulp, he raises his cup once more to those whose lives he will take in his new life, knowing they are fated to die by his hands. Cheers to the rise of Evil Monarch Jun Xie.


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