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Chapter 3126: : The Forbidden Mage And The Einherjar Spirit Tower

Chapter 3126: : The Forbidden Mage And The Einherjar Spirit Tower
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Khufu had colluded with the Soul Element Forbidden Mage, Hobb.

Hobb was a Chief Hunter. He was the main culprit who had imprisoned most of the members of the Forbidden Curse Association in the pyramid.

A sufficient amount of Pharaoh’s Source was needed to bring the mother of Medusa back to life. However, as a Soul Element Forbidden Mage, he could make the mother of Medusa show up earlier outside Cairo.

Lingling finally figured out the entire story. The most important thing to do was to find out the Pharaoh’s Source.

They must not let the Pharaoh’s Source fall into Hobb’s hands.

If that happened, the mother of Medusa would obtain greater power. By then, her Stares of Destruction would not only petrify Cairo but would also wipe out the entire country.

Moreover, the Pharaoh’s Source was also the key to activating the Eye of Spacetime. Without the Eye of Spacetime, the petrified people would die soon.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Just then, a small, dark red snake coiled up at the stairs and hissed. It seemed to be telling Lingling something.

Lingling moved closer to it. When the snake’s hissing entered her mind, she heard Apas’ voice.

“We’ve obtained a large pool of Pharaoh’s Source. Someone is using the hunters from the Hunter Union to collect all the scattered Pharaoh’s Source on the land.”

“I’ve obtained the Pharaoh’s Source, but my Red Python Evil Dragon is severely wounded by an expert. That expert is very powerful. I can’t hold him back for long. Find a way to get MO Fan to come over!”

Apas was in trouble!

The combined strength of Apas and the Red Python Evil Dragon was close to emperor level.

Could that expert be Hobb? Did he personally stand guard over the Pharaoh’s Source gathering point?

That was troublesome!

They could not take down a Soul Element Forbidden Mage with their current strength.

If the Pharaoh’s Source fell into Hobb’s hands, he would certainly use it in exchange for Kongsi’s Soul Contract…

No matter how fast MO Fan was, he could not possibly arrive on time.

“We have to get there now!” said Professor Tong Zhouzheng.

His students were stationed outside Orange Town City. Originally, they were there to hold back the hunter teams who had obtained the Pharaoh’s Source.

However, they were involved in Hobb’s conspiracy now. Professor Tong Zhouzheng had to ensure their safety.


The group rushed toward the outskirts of Orange Sand Town. They saw the Red

Python Devil Dragon stirring up the orange sand to create a terrifying tsunami of sand.

Meanwhile, Apas stood on top of the Red Python Evil Dragon. Her eyes turned golden pink. She was looking downward at the land.

There were numerous Egyptian Einherjar Spirits on the land. They had living bodies possessed by powerful evil souls. They wielded ancient Egyptian war swords that slashed the Red Python Evil Dragon’s scales and flesh.

There were thousands of Egyptian Einherjar Spirits. One of them was as towering as a black turret. It was the most powerful Einherjar Spirit that commanded the Einherjar Spirit army.

On the edge of the dune battlefield that resembled waves of a boundless ocean, a group of hunters was on the run. The members of the Hunter Society of the Imperial College were trying to escape through the sand waves.

Several Egyptian Einherjar Spirits with swords chased after them as if they wanted to kill all of them in the orange desert.

Chen He, Jiang Bingming, Guan Yao, and the rest of the group joined forces to fight against the Egyptian Einherjar Spirits. They had quite a high level of cultivation.

However, they appeared to be struggling as they confronted the Egyptian Einherjar Spirits.

In the depth of the surging sand, there were thousands of Egyptian Einherjar Spirits with similar strength.

Among the terrifying Egyptian Einherjar Spirits army, the King of the Einherjar Spirit resembled a black tower. It looked extremely wicked and frightening.

A man with a brown beard stood on the shoulder of the King of the Einherjar Spirit. The man wore a wizard’s felt hat and a long robe. He wielded an Einherjar staff!

“It’s the Chief Hunter, Hobb! He’s the one who summoned the army of the Einherjar Spirits!” Professor Tong Zhouzheng cried out in shock.

It was him!

Despite being one of the leaders of the Hunter Union, Hobb colluded with Khufu to wipe out the capital of Egypt!

“Wicked Medusa, how dare you steal the Pharaoh’s Source from us to perform the evil resurrection ritual for your dead mother?!” said Hobb loudly.

Although he was the one who offered the Pharaoh’s Source to Khufu, he was trying to put all the blame on Apas.

Chief Hunter Hobb wanted to delude the world.

“I’ll petrify all of your Einherjar Spirits armies!” Apas cried out furiously.

She looked down and scanned the land. A wind of petrification stirred up.

Her petrification power could freeze even a soul. For a moment, the clusters of Undead, which the Forbidden Mage Hobb had made into Einherjar Spirits, turned into statues.

“Hah! Your Stares of Destruction are so much inferior to your mother’s! I have countless Einherjar Spirits!”

Chief Hunter Hobb pointed his Einherjar staff at the land. The next moment, rays of black light rose from the ground like a forest. It grew from the depth of the land up to the sky.

Clusters of Einherjar Spirits appeared in the black light. There were thousands of them.

The Einherjar Spirits attacked the Red Python Evil Dragon again as if wanting to skin it alive.

For Apas, it was an uphill battle. She could not hold back for more than a few minutes without help. After all, her opponent was a Chief Hunter. A Chief Hunter was the greatest god of magic among the Soul Element Mages.

Lingling was filled with anxiety as she watched the battle from afar.

Apas could not protect the big jar of Pharaoh’s Source for long, and it was obvious that MO Fan could not arrive on time.

Even if she summoned the experts from the Cape of Good Hope Magic Castle, they might not believe her if she told them.

Worse still, some of the Forbidden Mages from the Cape of Good Hope Magic Castle might assist Chief Hunter Hobb to attack Apas just because she was a part of the Medusa family.


Lingling was at a loss when she heard a familiar sound from afar.

“We have to get out of here. It’s beyond our control. If we don’t leave now, all of us will die!” said Professor Tong Zhouzheng.

Right after that, he turned around and saw a red flame Holy Spirit flying from the far end of the horizon toward them.

It flew at a breakneck speed, like a space race. In just a blink of an eye, it was only a dozen kilometers away from them.

“It’s Little Flame Belle!” Lingling cried out excitedly.

Little Flame Belle arrived just at the right time!

Little Flame Belle had been cultivating in Parthenon Temple. It was different from the past. It was ablaze in flames, and its glow was brighter than the sun. When it flew toward them, they thought it was the sun from the horizon, plummeting forward.

Little Flame Belle and Ye Xinxia shared the same heart. After Ye Xinxia inherited the Divine Soul, her realm had reached its pinnacle.

To strengthen MO Fan’s power, Ye Xinxia allowed Little Flame Belle to stay in Parthenon Temple so that the ancient power could transmit to Little Flame Belle through their coexisting heart.

Little Flame Belle was ablaze in flames. Its boundless burning light, which belonged to the Holy Spirit, illuminated the land that had been invaded by the Einherjar Spirits.

Its Holy Spirit flames burned the land and spread like wildfire. In just a few moments, the land turned into a sea of fire. Thousands of Einherjar Spirits were burned!

“Quick, help Apas now!” said Lingling to Little Flame Belle.

Little Flame Belle did not immediately fly toward Apas. Instead, it spun around Lingling.

Suddenly, Little Flame Belle manifested the true form of the Goddess of Flame Belle and appeared in its graceful figure in the middle of the Holy Spirit glow. It looked like the daughter of the sun had descended on the earth.


The Goddess of Flame Belle approached Lingling. Its figure matched with hers. The next moment, the Goddess of Flame Belle turned into a ball of fire and blended into Lingling’s body.

Lingling could not react at first. By the time she understood the Goddess of Flame Belle’s purpose for doing a thing like that, she felt a majestic, sacred fire burning within her. The frail and delicate Lingling inherited the infinite power of the Holy Spirit!

Lingling was surrounded by the sacred flames of the Holy Spirit and accentuated the Goddess of Flame Belle’s firepower.

Lingling’s long hair was ablaze in flames like silk.

Her figure was surrounded by the shadow of flames.

Her beautiful eyes shone like red gems.

Professor Tong Zhouzheng and the rest of the members of the Hunter Society, who managed to escape the battle, were shocked when they saw Lingling in her current form.

Although her looks and her overall appearance remained unchanged, it was still hard to see a soft and delicate young lady turning into a blazing, noble, and holy queen in just an instant!

“Sacred Possession!”

Lingling looked at her hands before turning to the flaming elements that were like stars in the sky. They looked like her loyal soldiers. They were there to guard and obey her.

Lingling flew in the air. The sky was filled with flames, like the blossoming of a lotus. Her stunning aura was in sharp contrast to the battlefield that was filled with the Einherjar Spirits.

She raised her hand and pointed in a direction.

The next moment, a ray of bright flames swept across the land and reduced hundreds of Einherjar Spirits into ashes.

After that, she interlaced her hands together.

Magma spurt from the depths of the land. The red light formed a magnificent yet destructive attack. The Einherjar Spirits melted into a pool of water in the magma spring.

Lingling spun gently. Sacred flames that surrounded her turned into swords of flames. The swords glowed brightly. There were thousands of them. They looked dainty. However, the swords charged collectively at the King of the Ancient Tower Einherjar Spirit like a meteor sword rain.

The King of the Ancient Tower Einherjar Spirit was pierced by the flaming swords. It was riddled with red holes. The mighty and arrogant King of the

Ancient Tower Einherjar Spirit retreated under the red rainstorm sword attack. It had difficulty even balancing itself.

Meanwhile, Chief Hunter Hobb looked grim and pale under his felt hat. His brown beard was burned.

Hobb glared at the woman possessed by the fire god, who appeared out of nowhere. He was furious. He looked hideous and frightening.

“Those who stand in my way will die!” said Hobb loudly.

He continued to cast Soul Element Magic. A black footprint appeared in the middle of heaven and earth.

The footprint shattered the space. An endless dimensional storm took over the fragile world and sucked the sand into its crack. The storm stirred up all the clouds in the sky and the rocks on the land..


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