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Chapter 3125: : Chief Hunter

Chapter 3125: : Chief Hunter
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The atmosphere was quiet. Lingling turned to MO Fan. She could not help but glance at Apas.

“It looks like we have to go on with the plan of grabbing the Pharaoh’s Source,” said Lingling.

“Yes. A dried-up Eye of Space is not going to work.” Apas nodded. Her Red Python Evil Dragon glided to her side.

“Hopefully we can neutralize the mother of Medusa’s magic. Otherwise, Cairo will become a dead capital,” said Lingling.

Lingling was worried as she recalled the petrified city and the human statues.

After they returned to Orange Sand City, Lingling walked into a wine cellar.

She activated her tracking device. She realized there was some movement with the trap that she had previously set up.

They came from Orange Sand City and were happy to take over the mission to impress the Hunter Union. Unfortunately, they were unaware that Cairo had been petrified, and that Egypt was in a fearful state like never before.

Lingling informed Apas’ pet snake about those people’s location before going into the depths of the wine cellar.

The Senior Hunter was imprisoned inside the wine cellar.

If the news about the Senior Hunter being kept hostage spread outside, the Hunter Union would certainly cut ties with her, much less allow her to become China’s first female Senior Hunter.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Black Elephant King’s face darkened. He looked even more solemn as she realized he was being kept hostage by a young lady.

“Why did the Hunter Union use the Pharaoh’s Source as the theme for the Hunter Tournament this year?” asked Lingling.

“We needed to come up with a proper task. The Pharaoh’s Source has a high level of difficulty. Isn’t it an ideal task to test all the hunters?!” said Black Elephant King.

“Stop pretending! The mages are trapped inside the pyramid. Their escape has nothing to do with the Pharaoh’s Source. The Pharaoh’s Source only use is to grant the source of power to the mother of Medusa so that it can freeze Cairo. You are the traitor who colluded with Khufu. Why must you act as the Undead’s lapdog?! Black Elephant King, are your ancestors aware of your current deeds, or have they turned into the Undead and become Khufu’s lapdogs too?!” questioned Lingling.

Professor Tong Zhouzheng beside her was taken aback. He wanted to say something, but he thought it was not the right time to speak yet.

“Nonsense! How can I possibly collude with the Undead?! Lass, how dare you curse my ancestors?!” Black Elephant King seethed in anger.

“Then tell us the reason! Why must it be the Pharaoh’s Source?!” said Lingling.

“It’s related to an ancient contract. The Soul Contract is between the royal family of Ancient Egypt and the Dark King. After the fall of the ancient royal family and being replaced by the Dark King, the Soul Contract has become void. However, it somehow fell into Khufu’s hands. As a result, Khufu used the contract to threaten the Chief Hunter to make them find the scattered Pharaoh’s Source in the mortal world…’

The Black Elephant King eventually told her the truth.

Black Elephant King saw everything that had happened outside. He was aware that the incident was related to the Chief Hunter. As a Senior Hunter, he could not possibly bear the consequences of the petrified Cairo. Hence, he pretended he did not know anything.

“So, is the Chief Hunter the traitor?” Lingling interrogated him.

“I suppose so. I suspected him the moment the Forbidden Mages were trapped inside Khufu’s pyramid. B-But…,” said Black Elephant King.

“How are you going to prove it?” asked Lingling.

“The Chief Hunter is the descendant of the ancient royal family. His power comes from the pharaoh. How can the mother of Medusa come back to life so smoothly without the help of the only Soul Element Forbidden Mages in Egypt? After all, the Pharaoh’s Sources are still scattered in different parts of the country,” said Black Elephant King.

Lingling finally understood.

‘He’s right! Apas told me that without sufficient Pharaoh’s Source, the mother of Medusa cannot possibly turn into an Undead and perform such a powerful Eye of Destruction,’ thought Lingling. ‘The help of a Soul Element Forbidden Mage will make the process of turning the mother of Medusa into an Undead much simpler!’

Why hadn’t she thought of the Soul Element Forbidden Mage awakening mother of Medusa by banding together with Khufu in the first place?!

Upon hearing Black Elephant King’s words, Lingling believed him. However, it was still hard to determine the Black Elephant King’s true identity. After all, it was possible that he completely obeyed the Chief Hunter of his own volition.

The Chief Hunter was the head of Senior Hunters. Each country would select two Senior Hunters every year. The Hunter Union would then select two Chief Hunters from them. One of the Chief Hunters was a top-tier Soul Element Forbidden Mage in Egypt.

The combination of the Forbidden Curse and Khufu’s mummy magic would allow the mother of Medusa to be reborn and bring about the end of Cairo.

It seemed that the Chief Hunter was the one who had the Forbidden Mages trapped inside the pyramid. The collection of the Pharaoh’s Source was to protect the mother of Medusa’s carcass. Khufu made use of the ancient Soul Contract and caused Egypt to descend into chaos!

“What sort of Soul Contract is that?” asked Professor Tong Zhouzheng.

“Do you know where the underworld light comes from?” asked the Black Elephant King.

“According to the legend, there was an Egyptian lady called Kongsi. She made a deal with the Underworld Lord but eventually betrayed it. The Underworld Lord could only move in areas in the presence of the underworld light, and she attempted to use a Dimensional Triangular Prism to refract the underworld light. As a result, the Underworld Lord was furious and thought all the humans were as shameless as Kongsi. It vented out its anger on the cities where the underworld light swept across. The people could not stand it any longer and shattered Kongsi’s Dimensional Triangular Prism. The shattered pieces scattered all over Egypt. When the climate in Egypt changed, the particles of the Dimensional Triangular Prism would gather and form various refraction, causing the mirage phenomenon in the pyramids and tombs. The phenomenon is as unpredictable as the weather, it can appear in any city in Egypt…,” said Professor Tong Zhouzheng as an explanation.

“The Chief Hunter is a descendant of Kongsi. Kongsi became a ruler after making a deal with the Underworld Lord. She indulged in various luxuries.

However, the Underworld Lord is not Khufu. It’s an ancient Dark King. It hated

Egypt. Thus, it granted Khufu the power to trample the cities. Meanwhile, Kongsi’s descendants could not escape from the bondage of the Soul Contract,” said the Black Elephant King in a low voice.

“The mirage is the reason that caused the Egyptians to suffer the torture from the Undead for thousands of years, and Kongsi is the main culprit. The

Egyptians despise her and her descendants. Like her descendants, the Chief Hunter dare not reveal the truth to the public, thus he decided to beg that contract from Khufu. Is that it?” questioned Lingling.

“Yes…,” said the Black Elephant King.

“How did you know all these things? Did the Chief Hunter tell you everything?” Professor Tong Zhouzheng asked doubtfully.

“B-Because I’m suppressed by the contract, too. I’m the Chief Hunter’s nephew,” Black Elephant King eventually told them the truth.

If Cairo was reduced to ashes, he, too, would be held accountable for the sin for many years to come. And he could not afford to bear that sin.

He hoped everything would come to an end.

“MO Fan, did you hear what he said?” asked Lingling while touching the earbud with her finger.

“Yes. We’ve got some clues… I-I… w-will… s-see… y-you… s-soon—”

“Hey, you’ve got a bad signal there.”

“I’m just outside the eye of the hurricane. I’m inside the house now. There’s a signal here!”

“We’d better collect the remaining Pharaoh’s Source as soon as possible. The Black Elephant King has obtained part of the Hunter Master team’s information. However, the rest of the teams could have informed the Hunter

Union about the location of the Pharaoh’s Source. The Hunter Union obeys the Chief Hunter. They must have assigned the experts to dig the Pharaoh’s Source… ‘ said Lingling.

“I’ll ask Little Flame Belle to help you. She’s with Xinxia at the Parthenon Temple. But Parthenon Temple has a teleportation station. Little Flame Belle will teleport to you in a while,” said MO Fan.

“Okay. You’d better retrieve the Eye of Spacetime soon. By the way, are you flying from the east through our country, crossing the Pacific Ocean, then toward Peru in South America? Judging from your speed, you can reach Peru sooner,” said Lingling.

“Lingling, I may not be good at geography, but I’m not an idiot. Of course, I am flying from the Atlantic Ocean to Peru!” MO Fan said gruffly.

“Fine. Remember, don’t take it the wrong way when you return. Otherwise, it’s really the end for Cairo,” said Lingling.

“Darn it! I won’t fly in the wrong direction! I know the earth is round…,” MO Fan shouted in exasperation.

Unfortunately, there was some major issue with the signal. Lingling did not hear all of MO Fan’s words..


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