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Chapter 1727: Refining Battlefield

Chapter 1727: Refining Battlefield
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Chapter 1727: Refining Battlefield

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Moreover, they were highly intelligent, unlike those brainless insect creatures. The Outer World people had already discovered the Great Qin Territory’s existence, but perhaps because they understood that Great Qin was not ordinary, they did not directly attack.

On the northern side, there were large numbers of beast-type creatures. They looked somewhat like oxen, but when they opened their big, bloody mouths, there were countless sharp teeth, which made them look quite terrifying. They numbered around six billion.

They were called Terror Oxen and were large-sized creatures. They were powerfully-built and had immense destructive power. They were much more difficult to deal with than ordinary insect creatures, and once they started to madly charge towards the Great Qin Territory, it would be very difficult to stop them.

There was also the south side, where there were aquatic-type creatures. They looked like ribbonfish and had flat bodies and blue eyes. They had mouths filled with sharp teeth and could swim in water as well as fly in the sky.

There were around five billion of them, and they were quite difficult to deal with as they could fly.

In comparison, the west side was somewhat simpler. There were large numbers of insect creatures there, around five billion. They looked like cockroaches and were a dark red color. They could not fly but could move quite quickly.

Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated. In the Heaven Awaken World, Great Qin had to face the Devil Horn Empire, second Wind God Empire, and the new alliance, while in the Underworld, they still had enemies in three directions that they had not destroyed. He did not have any forces to spare at all.

He could only tell the Great Qin Territory not to expand too quickly and slow down its development. In any case, expanding out would just give it more territory and some resources, and that would not increase its battle power by much.

There was also the nurturing of the Blood Demon Snake Mosquitos, which had gone quite well. There were now a few million of them – they were Stage 3 creatures, and having nurtured a few million of them in such a short period of time, this would mean tens of million in one year.

This was much faster than nurturing soldiers from Stage 1 to Stage 3, and the Blood Demon Snake Mosquitos could also breed among themselves as well. The Blood Demon Snake Mosquitos’ reproductive abilities and speed at which they grew were astonishing.

Zhao Fu felt quite delighted; when the time came, Great Qin would have a powerful insect creature horde helping them conquer their enemies.

Now, the Great Qin Territory was focused on defending, and it started to build all kinds of defensive structures to defend against the dangers on all sides.

Following this, Zhao Fu once again returned to the Heaven Awaken World.

Now, Zhao Fu’s task was to increase the number of people in Sword Obsession. The Emperor Killing Sword could have long since leveled up, but Zhao Fu did not have time to capture Sword Cultivators – this time, he required 10,000 relatively talented Sword Cultivators.

The people in Sword Obsession were quite frightening; no matter how one killed them, they would not stay dead. 10,000 people in Sword Obsession were stronger than even one million soldiers.

It was difficult to find so many people with talent in Sword Cultivation, but Zhao Fu had long since had a target, which was naturally the Ancient Sword Sect.

Now that Zhao Fu’s Nation Armament had the power of nine worlds, even if he met the Ancient Sword Sect’s Sect Master, he would not have to be afraid. He would not be humiliated like he was in the past; now, it was not certain who would win.

Zhao Fu started to make preparations. Zhao Fu still remembered what had happened back then, and the flames of his anger had not quelled. After such a long time, it was time to pay back this debt with interest.

At that moment, an unimaginably big world was slowly moving towards the Heaven Awaken World with terrifying might. Space itself was unable to withstand that power and continuously twisted and ripped apart.

The Heaven Awaken World gave off a rainbow-colored light that turned into a barrier that blocked in front of it. That world gave off a strange blood-red light and an extremely terrifying power slammed into the Heaven Awaken World.


A shocking explosion sounded throughout the entire world, including the Godly Spirit World and Underworld.

The entire Heaven Awaken World violently trembled, and countless boulders rolled down as massive waves crashed. Some structures directly collapsed while birds flew into the air in terror and countless beasts ran in panic.

The world became chaotic and an extremely dangerous aura spread out, instantly covering the entire world. Countless people felt as if they had fallen into icy water, and they could not help but tremble.

The trembling went on for a while, and Zhao Fu, who was in the middle of preparing, looked quite shocked. He did not know why the entire world was shaking. Moreover, that aura was simply too terrifying.

In the midst of his confusion, he received a string of announcements.

“System announcement! The Refining Battlefield has opened.”

“System announcement! The Battlefield Door has opened.”

“System announcement! Factions of at least Dukedom Kingdom level can pass through the Battlefield Door to enter the Refining Battlefield or Outer World Battlefield.”

“System announcement! After entering a Battlefield, killing creatures of other worlds will give points that can be used to exchange for rewards.”

“System announcement! The variety of rewards has been updated.”

“System announcement! The quality of rewards has increased.”

“System announcement! The number of rewards has increased.”

“System announcement! Spirit qi has weakened; Region Power has weakened; World Power has weakened; Fate has been affected.”

“Warning! Factions of at least Dukedom Kingdom level must obtain a certain amount of points every month. If the points requirement is not met every month, corresponding punishments will be given. If the points requirement is not met for an extended period, the faction will lose its Kingdom status and the entire Royal or Imperial Clan will receive a backlash.”

“Warning! The Battlefields prohibit in-fighting. Violators will be severely punished. Heavily violations will result in immediate extermination.”

“Warning! Anyone who submits to enemies from other worlds will immediately suffer divine punishment, resulting in immense pain and even the destruction of the soul. The punishment will also apply to their entire family and friends.”

Zhao Fu looked quite confused; he had never thought that another Battlefield would open. Could it be that disturbance from before was another world crashing into the Heaven Awaken World?

Now, the Heaven Awaken World’s boundaries looked quite dangerous. The situation was not great with the Outer World, and now there was another unknown world. It seemed that it was not any weaker than the Outer World.

The three final system announcements were also quite scary. The first one stipulated that if they did not gain enough points every month, they would lose their status as a Kingdom.

This meant that a Kingdom would become an ordinary faction without the various privileges and powers of Kingdoms.

The Royal or Imperial Clans would also receive a backlash. Zhao Fu had suffered this before, and it was incredibly painful. It would also cause one’s power to weaken and make it difficult to recover. If a Royal or Imperial Clan suffered this, it would cripple the entire Royal or Imperial Clan.

The second prohibited in-fighting, and any violators would be exterminated. This was quite terrifying, as this would be the Heaven Awaken World directly acting, and perhaps even Celestials would not be able to survive.


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