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Chapter 3670: Alternate Ending 744 - Holy Guard Defeated

Chapter 3670: Alternate Ending 744 - Holy Guard Defeated
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Chapter 744 – Holy Guard Defeated

Above the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp…

Phoenix Rain and the thirteen other Tier 6 experts from Shi Feng’s home God’s Domain hovered proudly in the air, each radiating a towering pillar of mana that covered the entire resurrection camp. The auras they radiated also made everyone on the battlefield feel as if fourteen Demon Gods had just awoken from a long slumber.

This development shocked everyone on the battlefield. Even Frey and Garut, who were in the middle of an intense battle, subconsciously stopped their actions to look at Phoenix Rain’s group of fourteen.

Level 200 was a massive turning point in God’s Domain. This held true for both monsters and players.

In the Greater God’s Domain, even a Level 200, Tier 5 player fully equipped with Fragmented Legendary items could already trade blows evenly with a Level 190, Tier 6 player fully equipped with Fragmented Legendary items, let alone Level 210-plus, Tier 6 God-ranked experts.

In the current Eternal Realm, Level 210-plus, Tier 6 God-ranked experts were virtually invincible.

Yet, Zero Wing had fourteen of such experts…

What kind of method did he use exactly? How can he bring so many Level 200-plus players into the Eternal Realm? Frey was filled with disbelief as she looked at Shi Feng, who stood aboard the Silverwing.

Although the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers had yet to discover the Eternal Realm’s exact coordinates, many powers had already found methods to send players into the Eternal Realm. It was especially so for the various apex powers. Virtually all of them already possessed such means. Moreover, the number of players they could send over was massive, which was why they had such an overwhelming advantage over the other powers in the current Eternal Realm.

However, as mighty as they were, even the various apex powers could not bring Level 200-plus players into the Eternal Realm. This was because of the restrictions imposed by the Eternal Realm’s laws.

“Is this what you meant when you said Zero Wing can bring people into the Eternal Realm, Aurebeth?” Garut couldn’t help but ask as he turned to look at Aurebeth, Azure Fang’s Saintess.

“Haven’t I reported it to the Guild Leader long ago?” Aurebeth responded by looking at Garut strangely.

“But you never said Zero Wing can bring Level 200-plus players?” Garut nearly lost his calm when he saw Aurebeth’s calm expression.

Garut had long known about Zero Wing’s ability to transport players into the Eternal Realm. This was because Aurebeth had entered the Eternal Realm via Zero Wing’s channel. Aurebeth had even admitted to it herself. Hence, this matter was not a secret among Azure Fang’s executives. In fact, Aurebeth had even mentioned that so long as the various powers were willing to pay the price, Zero Wing could help them bring players into the Eternal Realm.

Originally, Azure Fang’s executives had scoffed at this matter. After all, it wouldn’t matter how many players they brought into the Eternal Realm. No amount of players under Level 200 would be enough to change the situation in the Eternal Realm. Even bringing several Tier 6 players wouldn’t change the overall situation. This was because the various powers did not lack experts capable of advancing to Tier 6.

However, it was a different story if Zero Wing could bring Level 200-plus players into the Eternal Realm…

“I might not have mentioned it, but none of you asked me, either,” Aurebeth calmly replied.

“You…” Aurebeth’s response rendered Garut speechless. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do about it.

In reality, Aurebeth couldn’t be considered a full-fledged member of Azure Fang. She wasn’t internally nurtured by the Guild. Instead, she had only joined the Guild because of an invitation from Azure Fang’s Guild Leader, and her relationship with Azure Fang was more like a partnership than anything else. She was under no obligation to care about Azure Fang’s interests. In such a situation, it was already fortunate she was willing to share her method of entering the Eternal Realm.

While Garut and Aurebeth were conversing, Phoenix Rain and the others had already thrown themselves at the Holy Guard’s team leaders, giving the enemy no time to gather themselves.

Meanwhile, in front of Level 210-plus, Tier 6 players equipped with the God Chaser Set, which provided Basic Attributes on par with Level 220 Legendary Equipment, Level 180, Tier 6 players were no more than infants before adults. Even if the Holy Guard’s team leaders had been artificially strengthened to rival Taboo-level existences, they were no exception.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the blink of an eye, over ten Holy Guard team leaders were killed. The difference in Basic Attributes was too overwhelming. Even if the Holy Guard team leaders possessed superior combat standards, in a situation where they were severely disadvantaged in speed and power, they had no choice but to trade blows with Phoenix Rain and the others, which led to them losing HP rapidly.

In just ten seconds, Phoenix Rain and the others had already killed over 200 Holy Guard team leaders. During this time, although the Holy Guard’s seventeen vice commanders had tried to intervene, eight of them had to work together just to distract Crimson Mist, who was only a Level 200-plus player. Naturally, they were even more helpless against Phoenix Rain and the others, and all they could do was watch as the Holy Guard’s members were slaughtered.

Meanwhile, when the various spectating powers saw this scene, they couldn’t help but be flabbergasted.

Taboo-level existences!

In any of the pseudo-apex powers present, Taboo-level existences were considered apex combatants. They were also the various pseudo-apex powers’ biggest source of confidence.

In the current Eternal Realm, even the various apex powers would be helpless against a force of several hundred Taboo-level existences. Yet, this seemingly unstoppable force had become as fragile as an infant against Zero Wing’s fourteen members.

“Is this the real reason behind Black Flame’s confidence?” After observing Phoenix Rain’s group for a while, Verdant Rainbow shifted her attention toward Shi Feng, a rare smile forming on her face. “I wonder what expression those Vice Alliance Masters will make once they learn of this. Because of their fear of displeasing Demon’s Gate, they even said I was overestimating Black Flame and warned me against using my privilege to raise his rank.”

In reality, Black Flame receiving a rank in the Divine Glory List’s top 300 was an extremely controversial topic in the Seven Luminaries Alliance. Meanwhile, as Black Flame’s primary advocate, Verdant Rainbow had been ridiculed by many in the Alliance. They all thought she was exaggerating her description of Black Flame, especially regarding his importance in resisting the various Holy Race powers. After all, Black Flame was only one person. He didn’t even have a Divine Artifact. Yet, she had insisted on propping up Black Flame to strengthen Zero Wing. In their opinion, all she was doing was wasting resources.

“Be that as it may, the assistance of apex powers like Demon’s Gate is still crucial in resisting the Holy Race, Your Highness. Without them, we would not be able to resist the Holy Race in the Eternal Realm,” the Elder standing beside Verdant Rainbow explained when he saw her delighted expression.

“I know that.” Verdant Rainbow nodded. When she recalled Demon’s Gate’s “reminder” from before, her expression darkened.

The Eternal Realm was vast and brimming with ancient resources. In their pursuit of these ancient resources, the human race and Holy races engaged in numerous large-scale battles across the Eternal Realm. However, outside of the conflict in the World Ark, most of these conflicts remained hidden from non-apex powers.

Currently, the various apex powers were already struggling to protect the human race’s territory. If Demon’s Gate were to cause a commotion in this situation, the human race would be put into a perilous situation in the Eternal Realm. As for whether Demon’s Gate would dare make such a treacherous move, that wasn’t even a question. After all, Demon’s Gate was unlike the average Guild. It was filled with a bunch of lunatics who would be willing to do anything.

While Verdant Rainbow was having her conversation, the siege over the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp reached a conclusion.

The Holy Guard, which originally began with over 10,000 players, had fewer than 2,000 players remaining. Meanwhile, although Zero Wing, Azure Fang, and the Red Dragon Nation had suffered many more casualties, most of their main force members remained alive. Moreover, it was only a matter of time before Zero Wing annihilated the Holy Guard.

“Should we use our final trump card, Commander Daystar?” Heavenly Ape Saint tentatively asked when he saw the ugly look on Daystar.

Although the Death Reborn Combination Holy Art was one of the Holy Guard’s trump cards, it wasn’t the last of the legion’s trump cards. The legion still had one more trump card to use. However, if this final trump card was used here, the Holy Guard’s subsequent plans would be as good as forfeit.

“Zero Wing, is it? I will remember this humiliation!” After fiercely glaring at Shi Feng, who remained aboard the Silverwing, Daystar commanded, “Everyone, retreat!”

Upon receiving Daystar’s command, every surviving Holy Guard member took out a gray talisman from their bags and activated it. Immediately, holy power enveloped them, and they turned into streaks of light as they disappeared from the resurrection camp.


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