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Chapter 2267: Language Genius

Chapter 2267: Language Genius
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Chapter 2267 Language Genius

Ye Jian, who had a good memory, took over the files. With her eyes drooping slightly, she began to read the information given by the confidential personnel. There were a total of six personnel in the list that she needed to remember. She must memorize each person’s appearance and characteristics clearly. She must also not forget the origins of those people.

There were six documents, each had two pages, so it was a total of 12 pages. Ye Jian completed the memorization as quickly as possible, and she spent another ten minutes to consolidate it because she was afraid she might miss out on anything.

The relevant departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had many abilities, especially in charge of simultaneous interpretation. Their memory was quite amazing. The confidential staff was not surprised when Ye Jian took 20 minutes to memorize all six documents, and then she could easily recite the information.

After reading these materials, the confidential staff took out a separate document from his briefcase, “This is the information of the ambassador you’ll be accompanying, please have a look. The ambassador has a very good personality and is a gentleman, but he has a small problem….”

The confidential staff coughed embarrassingly, and his solemn voice became much lower by several decibels, “He doesn’t know the way much and gets lost easily. You need to keep an eye on him.”

Don’t know the way much? Get lost easily?

In Ye Jian’s mind, the face of an elegant, gentle and handsome young man appeared. She knew a diplomat who was also a person who didn’t know the way much and got lost easily. It couldn’t be him, right…

After taking out the ambassador’s information, Ye Jian laughed when she saw the ID photo. It really was him… Principal Cao’s nephew Qin Xiu, a man who used a gentleman’s demeanor to cover up his inner toughness.

The confidential staff said that he couldn’t recognize the road, and he was easily lost. In fact, this description was being too humble. When she was in the First Provincial High, she had seen how easy it was for Qin Xiu to get lost. He was a man who would get lost within a few steps.

Looking at his information again, Ye Jian was shocked just by looking at the first few items… He had basically skipped many steps in his progress to his current status. And he even won several upper grades awards. His elementary school all the way to his university were all key foreign language schools. He graduated from university at the age of sixteen and further studied in the US, Italy, and France…

Ye Jian, who had experienced two lives, was shocked by Qin Xiu’s information. It was no wonder that he became the youngest diplomat in the history of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Then again… Ye Jian asked the confidential staff a very important question, “How is the ambassador’s ability to take care of himself in life? Do I need to take care of his life?”

Every genius always had some flaws. She had seen a few news stories in her previous life. Apart from reading, some geniuses, who studied in top science and technology universities, had no basic life skills to take care of themselves. They had superior IQ but zero life skills.

She didn’t know if the genius Qin Xiu was like this or not.

The confidential staff didn’t understand why Ye Jian asked this; he was stunned for a while. Seeing this, Ye Jian asked a little bit more clearly, “For example, does he need anyone to specially serve him, like… eating, sleeping, dressing, etc.…?”

As a result of her making clear her question… the confidential staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs turned his head to the side of the car door glass from time to time, and his shoulders trembled.

Ye Jian was a little embarrassed. Qin Xiu was a diplomat who could accompany the country’s leaders on overseas visits. How could he not be able to take care of himself? Ish, she was shocked by his resume that her brain couldn’t function properly for a while.

If Qin Xiu knew what she thought… Ye Jian hid her face behind her hands. Ah, he would be so speechless by her comment.


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