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Chapter 2015: Ruling All Ages

Chapter 2015: Ruling All Ages
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Chapter 2015 - Ruling All Ages

After this battle, Shi Hao swept through this side of Realm Sea, calming the great darkness chaos, eliminating the great disaster.

It was time for him to leave, time to return to Immortal Domain.

Before he returned, he swept through Ancient Final Destination, and then entered the Land of Darkness. He searched this entire side of Realm Sea, checking if there was anything else strange left behind.

He opened up all of those Guidance Ancient Palaces that remained. Then, he even more so shattered the void, seeing large amounts of Darkness Prisons.

Even though many of the prisons were empty, there were still some primordial spirits that were locked up.

It was to the extent where in some Guidance Ancient Palaces, there were some individuals as stunning as Great Elder, their flesh also still here.

After being locked up for endless years, many creatures went crazy, some losing their intellect. This was the damage of time. Some creatures devoured each other, becoming terrifying existences.

Shi Hao released all of the cultivators, displaying unrivaled emperor methods. Divine light scattered out, those unconscious gradually reviving and the souls that devoured each other separating.


He saw a familiar person. There was a gray-robed woman in one of the Guidance Ancient Palaces, her appearance extremely beautiful, style moving, there were great changes in her eyes. This was a creature who had lived for an extremely long amount of time.

She was also looking at Shi Hao, within her eyes were dual-pupils.

“It really is you, you quelled the chaos, cut through the prisons, eliminated the disaster on this end of Realm Sea.” She released a light sigh, endlessly moved.

Shi Hao also thought for a long time, recalling the past, the people and events that previously took place. How could he not recognize this woman? She was the dual-pupiled woman.

In the past, Shi Yi was saved by her and was then revived, all because they were both dual-pupiled individuals.

Apart from this, she had also interacted with Shi Hao before, the two even having a light chat before, she previously requested to borrow the Emperor Butterfly from him. However, later on, she disappeared, never to be seen again.

“Many heroes have fallen to darkness.” Shi Hao said.

“The events of the world are hard to predict. Who would have thought that you would already rise above immortal kings.” The dual-pupiled woman said with a sigh.

Shi Hao looked into the void and then hacked it open. He went to bring back Meng Tianzheng, Willow Deity and Huo Ling’er.

“Shi Hao!” Huo Ling’er laughed, but also wept, her eyes filled with tears. This time, she waited another hundred something thousand years. She really was endlessly worried.

Shi Hao helped her wipe her tears, quietly saying, “Don’t cry, I’m going to bring you home!”

“Let’s go home!” Huo Ling’er found it even harder to control herself, bursting into tears.

After being trapped for so long, she had endless thoughts. She missed her home, missed the people of the past. However, she too knew that time was definitely ruthless, some people impossible to see again.

Things remained the same, but people have changed, this was unavoidable.

However, she wasn’t particularly terrified either, because she still had Shi Hao at her side, able to accompany her.

“Let’s go back.” She sobbed. There was also disappointment and frustration within her wounded heart. She knew that her parents most likely no longer existed, making her feel sad, tears continuously falling.

At this time, Meng Tianzheng patted Shi Hao’s shoulder and said some good words. When he met this disciple who he was most satisfied with again, he felt carefree inside. Even if he suffered darkness disaster, he still felt extremely satisfied now.

Shi Hao was also extremely happy. Even though he was already an immortal emperor, it was still hard for him to forget the emotions of the past. He was extremely respectful towards Great Elder, seriously showing him the respect of a disciple.

Only, when he saw Willow Deity again, he became silent, finding this hard to accept. This was a black stump that lacked life force. How was he supposed to save it?

“Willow Deity, I will definitely make you reappear in this world!” Shi Hao vowed.

Willow Deity affected his entire life. If there was no Willow Deity, then there would be no Heavenly Emperor Huang. He shared a special type of connection with Willow Deity.

That day, Realm Sea was noisy. Now, there were only a few immortal kings still alive, for example, the Butcher, Burial Lord and others. Of course, they were also much stronger than normal immortal kings.

However, they still didn’t step into the Half Immortal Emperor Realm, still kings.

“You… are Huang, you returned alive!”

Even the Butcher who was known to be the most cold and valiant man widened his eyes at this time. When he saw Shi Hao, he was incomparably shocked.

It was because he had previously sensed that something extremely terrifying had happened at the other side of Realm Sea. Even though they were separated by an endless distance, he was still shaken, feeling fluctuations exceeding half immortal emperor level.

Both him and Burial Lord had always suspected that a true immortal emperor had appeared. Now that Huang crossed the sea alone, everything pointed towards disaster.

“I’ve been well.” Shi Hao nodded towards them.

Then, with a swing of his sleeve, a large group of creatures appeared. Shi Hao invited the Butcher and Burial Lord to help him, to bring them back to their respective homes.

These were all creatures rescued from the Darkness Prisons.

As for the darkness great army, they had pretty much all been killed by Shi Hao.

That day, all areas erupted into commotion.

Immortal Domain was blasted into many pieces, floated into the distance, entering different regions of primal chaos. Normal true immortals couldn’t even find them, only immortal kings could.

The Butcher and Burial Lord moved. This shook up all areas of Immortal Domain.

Even though these fragmented lands were separated, cheers shook the heavens at the same time. Many people shouted out Heavenly Emperor Huang’s name.

“He quelled the great chaos on the other side of Realm Sea! Heavens! Is this real?”

“Heavenly Emperor Huang!”

Many people shouted out. In the eyes of many people, this was a great achievement that would last an eternity! The entire world should chant his name, express their respect.

Shi Hao’s return made the great earth tremble.

The entire world was happy, the cultivators of all lands celebrating.

The darkness chaos was quelled, the source of disaster eradicated, so how could others not feel joy? How could they not be moved and excited?

After all these great eras, the darkness great disaster’s threat was too great, leaving all the kings helpless. The dead perished, the deceased departed, not many were left.

Even Immortal Domain was in ruins, breaking into hundreds of pieces. There were countless creatures who died. When they heard the news today, everyone became incredibly excited. This meant that in the future, they wouldn’t have to worry about the clan eradicating great darkness chaos anymore.

While the entire world erupted into commotion, Shi Hao instead returned to Imperial Court’s ruins. He paid his respects to the heroic spirits from the past. He was sentimental, disappointed and frustrated, even more so carrying regrets.

“I will think of a way. All of you should rest well for now.”

He placed Willow Deity’s scorched black stump here. Every day, he sat under the tree alone, extremely quiet, looking towards the distant monument, full of sorrow.

That was his son, where he was buried.

Apart from the new Little Stone, there were too many graves. For example, the restricted region lord’s cenotaph, Bird Grandpa, Coin Elder and others. There were also Mu Qing, Qin Hao, Chang Gongyan, Shi Yi and others.

His loved ones and friends were all buried here. There were some who died extremely miserably, but at that time, he was powerless to reverse the heavens, unable to stop this.

“The new Little Stone… is your child?” Huo Ling’er came, her voice trembling.

“Yes.” Shi Hao nodded.

Huo Ling’er became a bit quiet, even more so a bit sentimental, feeling pain. However, she didn’t feel any grievance. After being separated for so many years, there were many things that they were powerless to stop.

If she didn’t leave, maybe this Little Stone would be her child.

“He offered himself as blood sacrifice, died for me.” Shi Hao said quietly.

Huo Ling’er clutched her mouth, tears sliding down her face. When she learned how this Little Stone died, she couldn’t help but weep in sorrow.

“What a pitiful child, what a pitiful Little Stone.” When she spoke up to here, she was worried about Shi Hao. Just how much grief did he experience?

This was especially when this Little Stone offered himself as blood sacrifice, choosing this type of path for his father.

“Shi Hao, if you feel grief, then just cry, don’t hold it in.” Huo Ling’er advised.

“I am unable to cry.” Shi Hao shook his head. He looked at the Little Stone’s monument, stroking it with his hand, repeating this again and again, not willing to let go.

Huo Ling’er naturally knew that Shi Hao’s abilities were already extraordinary, but she didn’t care. She still treated him like that past youngster. When she saw his appearance, she felt pain for him.

He became an emperor, yet couldn’t cry. There was too much sadness within his heart. She knew and she felt sympathy. In reality, the relationship between them could also be considered a type of sadness?

They were supposed to be together, yet they ended up being separated for so many years.

“This is my younger brother’s grave.” Shi Hao finally left this Little Stone’s grave, now standing in front of Qin Hao’s monument. He didn’t leave for a long time.

“He chose to blood sacrifice himself as well. There was also Shi Yi, an enemy I was determined to defeat before. In the end, he used his blood and his life to repay the grudge, settling things in an extremely manly and resolute manner, I… really can’t take this…”

Shi Hao felt pain. Stone Clan’s lineage completely withered.

“This is Number Two Under Heaven’s grave. Bird Grandpa… the two elders from back then will never appear again.”

Shi Hao introduced them one after another, feeling incredibly sad, his heart in pain.

“Also, there was the restricted region lord, a master and friend. How could I forget you?” Shi Hao stood in front of another great grave, cherishing his memories greatly.

“This is the eight hundred old soldiers’ cenotaph. These disciple soldiers previously fought with me in the Cultivationless Age, walked this life together. In the end, they appeared again, using their lives to protect my child, participating in the final great battle.”

Shi Hao said, his voice extremely quiet.

There were several dozen old soldiers who were fortunate enough to survive nearby. When they heard this, they all shed tears, recalling the various things from when these old brothers were still alive.

“You became an emperor, but you also lost so much. No wonder I cannot see your smiling face anymore, no longer that stubborn and mischievous youngster from the past.” Huo Ling’er said.

She knew that Shi Hao definitely felt extremely terrible, truly losing too much!

“Little Hao!” A’man walked over. She was always watching over this place, always worried until she finally saw Shi Hao return.

Not long afterwards, the Heavenly Horned Ant returned as well, the Crimson Dragon also appearing. These past old friends were still alive, surviving.

“I just went to Burial Earth to visit Cao Yusheng’s grave.” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

“He has been buried into Burial Earth again.” Shi Hao nodded. He felt a bit empty inside. He couldn’t go back, unable to fight over wine with Fatty Cao and the little rabbit again.

“Shi Hao, even though you are now an immortal emperor, if you want to cry, then just cry.” The Heavenly Horned Ant said. During this period, they have all seen that after Shi Hao returned, he was always sitting here quietly. If no one came to look for him, he wouldn’t have said anything.

“I really cannot cry.” Shi Hao shook his head.

“Child!” Great Elder walked over, patting his shoulder.

The years were ruthless. It cut down, too much.

Shi Hao returned. He didn’t immediately undo Stone Village’s seal. It was because there was still a terrifying hole in the sky above the other end of Realm Sea. He still hadn’t truly explored everything yet.

He didn’t tell this terrifying fact to those at his side to prevent them from worrying.

Huo Ling’er slept. It was because she merged with the darkness Huo Ling’er, becoming one. She was a bit disappointed and frustrated. The blue sea turned into mulberry fields, the world experiencing great changes. The past Little Stone even already had a child.

That was why she wasn’t willing to immediately wake up. She cherished the events of the past, feeling as if they returned to that season when Fire Mulberry Flowers bloomed again. While dreaming, the corners of her eyes carried tears.

When Shi Hao saw her appearance, his heart trembled, feeling a bit of pain.

In the following years, Shi Hao wandered the world. He returned to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, walking through the past paths alone, searching for the past emotions, the past cheers and laughter.

There were some people who he couldn’t meet again. He reminisced about them on this type of path.

In the end, he even more so used unmatched great methods, walking along the great river of time, returning to the past, returning to the age of his youth.

He was close, returning to that year, back to the peaceful Stone Village.

In the distance, he saw a scorched black willow tree, only having a single tender bud. It released gentle radiance, guarding this village in the great wasteland.

He saw his younger self, saw Dazhuang, Ermeng, saw Grandpa Chief, saw the uncles and aunts who had long passed away.

He saw how he was running crazily when he was young, extremely happy, that little fella laughing endlessly.

For some reason, he now cried. An emperor was crying here.

The young him, if he was broken-hearted, he would just cry in the village. The current him smiled as he tried to get close, yet wanted to cry.

“I am Heavenly Emperor Huang! How could I cry?”

Shi Hao wiped away the tears on his face. He looked at those people in Stone Village. There were only some people who were sealed, these earlier relatives had long disappeared.

He turned around, leaving. He felt extremely happy here, yet wanted to shed tears as well. He could only leave.

Many things could never return to the past. When he carefully thought about it, that was probably when he was most happy. He was always carefree and without worries, naughty and causing trouble.

Shi Hao walked along the great river of time. He saw Qingfeng and then went to Heaven Mending Pavilion.

At that time, he was still young and mischievous, always boasting shamelessly. With a hammer in hand, he claimed to be the greatest under the sky, beating Xiao Tian until there was a ‘prominent horn’ on his head.

Then, he saw Heaven Mending Pavilion being destroyed, the scene of several elders dying miserably.

Shi Hao left. He followed the great river of time, heading to Hundred Shattered Mountain Range. This was where he met the Nine-Headed Lion, but now, where was that sworn brother of his? He had already been buried for more than two million years.

This was also where he first met Huo Ling’er, Yun Xi and the others.

When he watched his younger self from the distance, Shi Hao didn’t move at all.

Then, he saw the seven deities descend into the lower realms, his younger self dying after endless battles…

Shi Hao followed the great river of time, leaving Desolate Region and entering the Three Thousand Dao Provinces. When he saw Cao Yusheng, the Lunar Jade Rabbit and his own teenage self, he laughed. They experienced life and death together, fighting over meat and wine after the battle.

These were the past cheers and laughter, the past life and death emotions.

Not long afterwards, he went to Sin Province, seeing the Fire Mulberry Tree Forest again.

He saw Huo Ling’er, saw her return under the sunset glow after picking mulberry leaves.

Shi Hao stood in the great river of time. He was thinking that if he didn’t leave that day, staying here, what would have happened?

That time, he was young and frivolous, always wishing to be like a giant peng who spread its wings, soar nine hundred thousand li into the heavens, seize a piece of the sky that belonged to him.

At that time, he didn’t even notice that Huo Ling’er stood under the sunset by the Fire Mulberry Forest alone, how lonely she looked, how disappointed and frustrated, the reluctance in her eyes.

At that time, he already left, filled with lofty ambition, rushing into the distance with great steps.

Now, he stood in the great river of time, a bit depressed, feeling a bit of grievance, pain for Huo Ling’er, guilt for her.

Later on, if Anlan didn’t seize Sin Province, they might have still had a chance to be together without being separated. However, he still couldn’t go against a piece of history. What ought to happen still happened.

Shi Hao was like a specter, moving through the great river of time alone, looking at those vivid faces.

He stepped through the great river of time, heading into Burial Earth. He saw Sanzang and Shenming. Now, they were just like Cao Yusheng, buried in Burial Earth.

He went to see Exiled Immortal, went to see Shi Yi, went to see Wei Family’s Four Phoenixes, Tuogu Yulong, Qi Hong and others. He also went to the Nine Heavens to see Great Xu Tuo, Princess Yao Yue and others.

Unfortunately, he was still just like a wandering ghost, all by himself, watching quietly from the distance, unable to do anything. He could only retrace this period, the past emotions and the experiences they shared before.

Meanwhile now, those people were lying in ice-cold graves, while some of them didn’t even have corpses left.

In the great river of time, Shi Hao laughed and laughed, cried and wept. He was Heavenly Emperor Huang, but no one could see him shed tears right now, so he didn’t hold back his emotions at all.

In the real world, he truly couldn’t cry.

Meanwhile here, while accompanied by time, while wandering the great river of time, he seemed to be with those people, feeling those past joys and sorrows along with them.

However, these were still past events in the end. They flowed past like water, leaving and not returning.

Shi Hao was disappointed and frustrated. He wiped away his tears and walked out of the great river of time, returning to the present.

He saw these great graves. He stroked their tombstones, inwardly full of sorrow, but he really couldn’t cry.

“I became an emperor, yet I cannot cry…”

After returning, Shi Hao entered seclusion, not seeing anyone. He began to refine artifacts, bringing out those half immortal emperor weapons. In reality, Feather Emperor, World Eradication Elder and the others’ weapons were all made of unimaginable materials.

The amount of time they lived for was endless, unknown just how many great eras passed. When they ruled over the heavens, it was unknown just how many treasures they merged into their weapons.

It could be said that they just didn’t become emperors yet. Once they truly became emperors, they could directly carve great dao symbols, pushing their weapons to the next level. In terms of materials, it was already enough!

This time, Shi Hao refined his own immortal emperor weapon!

Apart from the Emperor Murdering War Spear, he refined all of the other half immortal emperor weapons into his own magical weapon, continuously smelting them. His weapon was simply unimaginable!

It was as if all of the best materials of this world were merged into one furnace.

The Emperor Murdering War Spear’s materials were all included in the other three half immortal emperors’ weapons, so Shi Hao didn’t destroy it, leaving behind a half immortal emperor weapon for Immortal Domain.

However, he erased the various imprints within this half immortal emperor weapon to prevent it from devouring the owner instead.

Then, Shi Hao smelted the Everlasting Sword Core into his weapon.

His Law Pool and immortal sword immediately became incredibly terrifying. After becoming an immortal emperor weapon, they exceeded the Everlasting Sword Core.

There was also the coffin that came from inside the Everlasting Sword Core.

He wanted to refine this before as well, but he gave up in the end.

It was because that coffin was used to plug up that strange land on the other shore of Realm Sea. In addition, his emperor weapon already included all of this world’s supreme treasure materials.

At the same time, he also felt like that coffin was extremely special, incredibly hard. He could use it as a defensive magical artifact.

“Does it have any connection to the Three World Coffin?”

Shi Hao previously thought carefully to himself.

The Three World Coffin had a smaller coffin within the large coffin. In terms of size, the coffin that came out of the sword core could be collected into that inner coffin.

“Three World Coffin, three coffins, is this how it is?” Shi Hao frowned.

Shi Hao went on his way, bringing his immortal emperor weapons, as well as that Three World Coffin with him, heading off alone. He arrived at Realm Sea’s shore again, entering Ancient Final Destination.

Above Ancient Final Destination, the hole there was plugged up. Even so, there was some sinister radiance that was released.

Shi Hao removed that coffin, researching it here for a long time. This coffin was extremely sturdy, suspected to have reached emperor level. It was quite the excellent defensive magical artifact!

At the same time, he was sure that he could easily destroy Three World Coffin. Those two heavy coffins weren’t as sturdy as this one.

“If they really are one, then this is the third one, as well as the innermost coffin. It is the most extraordinary and sturdy one.” Shi Hao said to himself.

There was a hole in the sky above, as well as a sparkling liquid with some black blood within. Apart from this, there was golden blood, silver blood and others… it was extremely strange. Laws and order interweaved, this scene a bit frightening.

The Corpse Immortal Emperor’s disaster, was it caused by a type of black blood falling down?

Shi Hao held his emperor weapons, preparing to charge in.

He attached great importance to this place, because this place mentioned reincarnation. He wanted to revive Willow Deity and the others.

In the sky above, eternity exists forever, reincarnation difficult to overturn, a supreme land.

This sentence made it clear to him that this place was definitely extraordinary.

Perhaps this was an even higher domain.

Shi Hao held an emperor weapon in hand. His body charged over. Even if he had to fight a great battle, he had to get what he needed!

Laws interweaved, rumbled and hacked about. He was sure that not even normal immortal kings could endure it. This place was extremely terrifying.

Shi Hao charged over. With a hong noise, he followed the path, rushing up. He discovered that he was standing on an island that was only a square zhang in size.

There was a hole on it that led towards Ancient Final Destination.

“Where is this place?”

Shi Hao looked all around him, feeling shock. Everything was silent and quiet. Scarlet blood reached over the great earth, slowly flowing like rivers, like lakes, like seas.

There were some great graves that stood above the scarlet water surface, so they weren’t easily submerged.

Under the blood dusk, the flowing blood turned into rivers, passing over graveyards. This scene was too familiar. Wasn’t this what he saw from the Everlasting Sword Core?

To be more precise, this was one of the scenes the little coffin within the Everlasting Sword Core displayed before.

Shi Hao’s expression was grave. He actually really encountered and saw it.

In the end, Shi Hao placed the bronze coffin into the scarlet blood. He sat on it. The ancient coffin slowly floated, not sinking, quickly carrying him towards the depths of this world.

He disappeared just like that.


Ten thousand years, twenty thousand years, thirty thousand years…

Heavenly Emperor Huang vanished for eighty thousand years. When he reappeared, Immortal Domain was greatly shaken. The Butcher, Burial Lord and others all couldn’t help but pay him a visit, consulting him.

“I went to a place that was too vast and extremely dangerous, you all cannot go there. I only explored a corner of that place. The present source of darkness also fell from that place.”

Shi Hao spoke these words and then didn’t say any more.

However, the most shocking thing was that Heavenly Emperor Huang brought back some things. He actually saved some people who only had remains left.

For example, Mu Qing, Lunar Jade Rabbit, Witch, Emperor Butterfly, Divine Striking Stone and others.

Even Willow Deity’s dried tree stump produced bits of greenery.

“I am going to save my son, I am going to save Willow Deity, I am going to save Shi Yi, Qin Hao, and the others. Even if some people don’t have remains left, I am still going to shatter that prison, let you all reappear in this world!”

This was Heavenly Emperor Huang’s vow.

He went on his way again. However, before leaving, he undid Stone Village’s seal, waking everyone up. He extended their lives with emperor blood essence.

That day, Imperial Court was bustling with activity. Stone Village was also lively. Many people appeared.

Even that five-colored sparrow actually defied the heavens, appearing again. It flew over here, actually surviving the past great tribulation.

There was no lack of cheers and laughter, joys and sorrows of parting and reunions. Now that they met again, how could they not feel sad that he was leaving again?

However, Shi Hao still set his resolution to continue!

This time, Shi Hao brought Willow Deity with him. Huo Ling’er also wanted to go with him, staying together until death did them part.

“I already missed out on a whole world. Even if there is great danger, bring me along! I want to take a look too, wish to travel with you!”

She firmly followed.

In the end, Heavenly Emperor Huang disappeared, not returning for an endless amount of time.

However, there were some creatures of Imperial Court who revived later on!

No one knew what exactly was happening.

Then finally, one day, nine dragon skeletons pulled a bronze coffin, moving alone through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Only when someone discovered it did they realize what was happening.

It was because there were some people who heard some great dao symbol sounds from within the bronze coffin.

“Three World Coffin, do the three coffins have some type of connection?”

“Heavenly Emperor Huang is still alive! He is sending us some information!”

The Butcher came. In the end, he released a long sigh, “The more we try to comprehend, the deeper things reach. Only when someone who can truly travel side by side with Heavenly Emperor Huang appears, will they be able to understand.”

“Perhaps he wishes that one day, there will be someone who can follow his steps!” Burial Lord deduced.


As time went on, after who knew how many years passed, everyone heard Heavenly Emperor Huang’s voice again.

The Butcher, Burial Lord, Heavenly Horned Ant and others immediately rushed to Realm Sea, looking in that direction.

“Huang, my brother!” The Heavenly Horned Ant cried out.

“Heavenly Emperor Huang!” There were quite a few people at the Butcher’s side who cried out. They also had a few disciples and others with them.

That day, they saw Huang.

“I am fine. I am waiting for all of you in another realm!”

Heavenly Emperor Huang’s long hair scattered about, even his thick black hair releasing resplendent brilliance, as if cast from gold. He brandished his immortal sword, hacking out fiercely, cutting through the skies of endless ages.

From then on, Realm Sea disappeared, severed by him!

Primal chaos replaced this place, submerging everything.

Unmatched dao laws sealed up that side.

Huang left!

His homeland was far from the bitterness, far from the cruel great battles. This was the final thing Huang could do.

“He says he is waiting for us, so why does he have to seal up this place? Do you all feel it? That sword has touched upon the alterations of space-time. I can feel that endless ages are being severed!” The Heavenly Horned Ant said with a trembling voice.

“Master!” The Crimson Dragon roared. He knew that his master did this to protect everyone, to give them a comparatively calmer world. Compared to the bitter battle in the heavens, this place could be considered a perfect world.

“He is waiting for us, waiting for us to follow in his footsteps.” The Butcher said.

“He is Heavenly Emperor Huang, so he’s naturally fine! One day, there will be someone who will see him again, but it will definitely not be us. Only those who can follow in his footsteps can see him.” Burial Lord said with disappointment and frustration.

Many years later, there were still people in Imperial Court who were revived. The people of this world were greatly shaken. They knew that this was Heavenly Emperor Huang’s work.

“It’s Heavenly Emperor Huang!”

“Even though we are separated by endless ages, he still has these methods…”

“A heaven warping battle, who can slaughter their way over? Please bring me, I wish to meet my brother again!” The Heavenly Horned Ant roared out.

A sword hacked through endless ages, cutting apart the skies above, severing endless ages.

This was the power of time, the alterations of space, the years changing. Endless ages were crossed, filled with the greatest power.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the heavens, Huang had large amounts of followers, all of them the most powerful individuals. Even though there was a terrifying great battle, he was also displaying glory, releasing brilliance. This was the legend that belonged to the unrivaled Heavenly Emperor Huang!


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