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Chapter 5718: Something’s Wrong with the Dragon Essence

Chapter 5718: Something’s Wrong with the Dragon Essence
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Chapter 5718: Something’s Wrong with the Dragon Essence

He had ventured to the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion despite the risk in order to obtain the Seven Realms Soul Forging Incense. He thought that it should at least improve Eggy’s condition even if it couldn’t fully heal her. If he was lucky, Eggy might even wake up.

Yet, it was completely ineffective.

“Did I misjudge?” Chu Feng doubted himself.

He thought that Eggy should be able to recover with treasures that reinforced her soul and physical body, but it wasn’t working even though he was already using a top-tier treasure like the Seven Realms Soul Forging Incense and amplifying its effects with a formation.

This meant that he had the wrong direction from the very start.

He had no idea how else he could treat her, and this plunged him into confusion.

“Rest assured, Eggy. Give me some time. I swear that I’ll treat you.”

This matter was a huge blow to Chu Feng, but he tried to maintain a confident front before Eggy.

He left the World Spirit Space in a low mood.

Over time, the dragon essence’s violent energy mellowed under his soul’s nurturing. Chu Feng couldn’t help but sense that something was wrong with the dragon essence, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He vaguely felt that he was being restricted.

Long Lin had said that the dragon essence could be extracted at any moment, but Chu Feng doubted his words.

Oblivious to Chu Feng, he was in much greater danger than he thought. While he was nurturing the dragon essence, two non-Totem Dragon Clansmen had arrived in this realm.

Daoist Heavensniffer and Beast Shadow.

The two of them floated in mid-air. Daoist Heavensniffer was sniffing in the direction of the Totem Dragon Clan’s forbidden land.

“Daoist Heavensniffer, are you sure Chu Feng is in there? If so, I’ll try to liaise with the Totem Dragon Clansmen about it,” Beast Shadow said.

“Are you the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master? What makes you think the Totem Dragon Clan will allow you to enter their forbidden land?” Daoist Heavensniffer replied.

“Do you think a mere Totem Dragon Clan will dare defy our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion?” Beast Shadow replied in displeasure.

“They dare not to defy you on the surface, but they can stuff you with excuses. Chu Feng might have also secretly slipped in, such that the Totem Dragon Clan doesn’t know that he’s in there. You shouldn’t forget that he’s on close terms with Long Chengyu,” Daoist Heavensniffer said.

“What do you intend to do then? We have already waited a long time here!” Beast Shadow exclaimed in annoyance.

“Calm down. You won’t get things done by losing your patience. I have a feeling that Chu Feng will be coming out soon. We’ll be able to capture him as soon as he steps out of the forbidden land,” Daoist Heavensniffer said.

He didn’t speak the full truth. He could sense that Chu Feng’s life force was pulsating strongly, and based on that, he deduced that Chu Feng hadn’t been captured. From that, he figured that Chu Feng should be coming out soon.

He had withheld the truth to flaunt his sharp judgment, so that he could claim greater merit over this accomplishment in the future.

Meanwhile, in the Totem Dragon Clan’s forbidden land…

“Elder, do me a favor. Help me check if Long Lin is spying on me,” Chu Feng asked the Heaven-devouring Qilin.

He knew that Long Lin had been secretly spying on him as he had sensed the latter’s gaze many times over the past month. He dared not claim with certainty that Long Lin wasn’t around just because he couldn’t sense the latter, as a pinnacle True God level cultivator might possess means beyond his imagination.

Thus, he sought the Heaven-devouring Qilin’s help to be certain.

“Is there any benefit?” the Heaven-devouring Qilin asked.

“Don’t you want this dragon essence?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s not as if you’re giving it to me.”

“I can extract a portion of it for you to try.”

“Really?” Those words excited the Heaven-devouring Qilin. “That fellow isn’t around. Why don’t you extract a portion of it for me now?”

“Sure,” Chu Feng replied.

He began channeling his spirit power to extract a bit of the dragon essence, but to his surprise, he was unable to do so. The most baffling thing about this was his inability to extract the dragon essence was due to an external force rather than the dragon essence fusing with his soul.

An external force had bound Chu Feng. It didn’t restrict his movements, but it prevented him from extracting the dragon essence.

“I can’t extract the dragon essence,” Chu Feng said.

“Something must be amiss,” the Heaven-devouring Qilin said.

“Elder, you’re wiser. Help me analyze the situation,” Chu Feng said as he told the Heaven-devouring Qilin about the external force stopping him from extracting the dragon essence.

“Little Feng, you should look for an opportunity to see the remains of the ancestral dragon,” the Heaven-devouring Qilin advised.

“All right,” Chu Feng replied.

He was previously reluctant to make the request to see the remains of the ancestral dragon because he was worried that the Heaven-devouring Qilin would try to pull something off, but the situation was different now.

He was in a predicament that he himself couldn’t comprehend, and he also thought that it had something to do with the remains of the ancestral dragon.

On top of spying on Chu Feng, Long Lin would also make sure to pay him a visit everyday. Thus, during his next visit, Chu Feng took the opportunity to request to see the remains of the ancestral.

“Young friend Chu Feng, it’s not that I don’t want to bring you there, but there’s a bloodline formation around the remains of the ancestral dragon. You won’t be able to enter the premises. You’ll face great danger if you force your way in,” Long Lin said.

“Elder, it should be fine. My bloodline is currently disguised as that of the Dragon Bloodline,” Chu Feng replied.

“No, we can’t take this risk. Young friend Chu Feng, let’s wait a few days more. I’ll bring you there to give it a try after we extract the dragon essence. I know that I’m being selfish, but I don’t want anything to go wrong before then,” Long Lin said.

“All right.”

Chu Feng could tell that Long Lin had no intention of bringing him to the remains of the ancestral dragon, but he didn’t harp on it lest he spark the latter’s suspicion.

After Long Lin left, he headed into the pavilion amidst the clouds, walked up to Long Xue, and gently held her wrinkled hand. His eyes were filled with affection even though the woman before him was neither young nor pretty.

“Soon, Xue’er. It’s about to be done. It’s heaven’s will. I never thought that someone from the Lower Realm could nurture the dragon essence that the Totem Dragon Clan is unable to do anything about. It’s a pity since he’s a man of great talent, but I don’t mind becoming the bad person for your sake. All I need is for you to be well and alive.”


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