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Chapter 3886: Against Princess Raoxi (1)

Chapter 3886: Against Princess Raoxi (1)
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Chapter 3886: Against Princess Raoxi (1)

Raoxi raised her hand, trying to slap Feng Wu. However…

Feng Wu was too capable to sit still and let other people slap her.

Therefore, when Raoxi was about to slap Feng Wu, the latter followed Raoxi’s momentum and struck down.

The next second, Raoxi spun around like a top.

She spun over and over again…

She couldn’t stop spinning.

The seventh princess opened her eyes wide and stared at the scene in disbelief. No, it couldn’t be… Oh god, even the aloof Raoxi would end up in such a sorry state. She must want to stop now. How embarrassing…

But no.

Under everyone’s gaze, Raoxi kept spinning.

10, 20, 30… She didn’t stop until she became dizzy and fell to the ground.

Everyone was speechless.

“How dare you?!”

Raoxi’s maids bellowed at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu recognized them. They were Caixia and Muli. Feng Wu still remembered how Caixia tried to kill her that night. Right now, she was slapping Caixia’s master for fun.

Feng Wu smiled a little.

Caixia found the girl rather familiar.

She found the ugly girl at Huyan Yichen’s place familiar, and this stunning girl looked just as familiar. What was going on?

By then, Raoxi had finally recovered. She stared at Feng Wu and smirked. “Do you really think no one can stop you?”

Feng Wu shrugged without saying a word.

Raoxi turned to Zhao. “Zhao, why should we leave such a person alive?! ”

Zhao smiled bitterly at Raoxi.

Kill her?

His Majesty would probably kill the princess first.

However, Zhao was too smart to say such hurtful words. He would only smile at Raoxi and ask her to calm down.

It just so happened that he had been standing by Feng Wu’s side the whole time as if he was guarding her.

Raoxi was furious.

The palm print on Raoxi’s face was swollen. She stared at Zhao with a grim look on her face. “Zhao, don’t you want to see the future?”

“The future?” Zhao thought, “Do you mean after you, Princess Raoxi, take the throne? I don’t think so…

Zhao smiled at Raoxi, pretending that he couldn’t understand her.

Raoxi had made it very clear, but Zhao still didn’t seem to understand her. She realized that Zhao wasn’t going to help her.

“Fine!” Raoxi pointed at Feng Wu and Zhao. “I’m going to see my father!” Feng Wu and Zhao exchanged looks, and Feng Wu shrugged.

Just then, Raoxi turned around and pointed at Feng Wu. “Just wait and see! Just you wait!”

After that, Raoxi picked up her skirt and rushed toward the study.

She needed her father’s help.

Caixia and the others sneered at Feng Wu, thinking that she was doomed.

The seventh princess smirked. “So, you’re Feng Wu of the Junwu Empire. I’ve heard of your name before, and I know you’re famous in the Junwu Empire..”


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