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Chapter 2596: A Dramatic Turn of Events

Chapter 2596: A Dramatic Turn of Events
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2596 A Dramatic Turn of Events

Bladelord reached out his hand and made a grabbing motion through the air. The veins of the precepts of heaven and earth appeared between his fingers. Instantly, the Infernal Asuran Icon in the hands of the Seven Elders appeared in his hands.

Even though all the gods present were giants, they still could not understand the profound mysteries behind it.

The Seven Elders looked at their empty hands and smiled bitterly. Before an existence at the level of a reverend, they were obviously still far from being able to comprehend it.

Mortals looked up to godly beings.

Godly beings looked up to the reverends.

The Infernal Asuran Icon unfolded again, and Jiatianxia, Oceanlord, and Hydralord flew out. The three gods looked embarrassed. They were the gods of the gods, yet they were trapped in the map by the gods from Infernal Court. If this matter leaked out, their reputation would be tarnished.

They needed to kill the Seven Elders today to avenge themselves.

TrueGod Xuanyi looked young and handsome, but he had an unfathomable look in his eyes. "Bladelord, you can go and get the Fane of Origin. Leave this to me."

He had an incomparable confidence.

Bladelord looked up and into the distance. "My old friend is here. I'm afraid I won't be able to go to the Fane of Origin for the time being."

All the gods present felt a terrifying pressure.

In this space filled with godly aura, a Blood Parasol Tree that was tens of thousands of miles tall appeared. It illuminated the entire starfield in red.

A blood-leaf was as big as a lake.

There was indeed a blood lake on the leaf.

The thick aura of death was enough to make the gods tremble in fear.

"The Blood Parasol Tree has appeared. Death Reverend is here." The gods from the Infernal Court were emboldened.

Along with the cry of a phoenix, a colorful phoenix flew over to this starfield.

The feathers of the phoenix were flowing with colors. Each of them was like a divine river, their eyes like two stars. But it was this extremely sacred phoenix that was emitting a gray aura of death.

The phoenix flew around the Blood Parasol Tree. Under the tree, it turned into a graceful and hazy figure. Her figure was extremely beautiful. She wore a veil and stood straight. Her body had an arrogant aura that could intimidate the heavens and earth.

Corpses below her feet rose and fell. She was like a living creature that had lived for countless years. The aura on her was extremely ancient and intimidating.

Death Reverend, phoenix-colored wings.

Other than Bladelord, no one dared to look directly at Death Reverend.

The Blood Parasol Tree swayed and shot out leaves that filled the sky. They turned into a rain of blood and surged toward Bladelord.

Bladelord's expression was extremely grave. He raised his hand and slashed with his blade.


The vast space was like a piece of paper cut open by a blade. The boundless darkness and nothingness appeared.

The blood leaves in the sky were all shattered and turned into a sea of blood qi.

In the next instant, Bladelord and Death Reverend disappeared into the starry sky and entered the space of nothingness. Soon after, the deafening sounds of battle had already traveled a million miles.

Very few gods had ever seen Death Reverend speak.

She was always quiet and extremely cold, as if she was born to kill and did not want to say more. Or perhaps, in her eyes, the gods at the scene did not have the right to make her speak.

The blade aura did not fade for a long time after being split open by the Bladelord. For a while, the divine power did not go away. The space could not be closed, and it turned into a river of Dimensional Rift.

None of the gods present dared to get close to that river.

After a long silence, the pressure on the gods of the Heavenly Realm and the Infernal Court lessened slightly.

Although they could take part in the battle of the reverends, it was extremely dangerous. If they were not careful, they might die. Therefore, it was best to stay far away and not take part.

A hundred thousand years ago, countless gods died because they took part in the reverend battles. The bloody lesson was still fresh in their memories.

TrueGod Xuanyi said, "Bladelord has held Death Reverend back. You guys deal with the remaining ones. I'll go to the Fane of Origin myself."

"Xuanyi, can you leave?"

Divine Onmyoji controlled the Altar of Destiny and blocked the path of the gods from the Heavenly Realm to the Southern Sword Realm.

TrueGod Xuanyi said coldly, "Divine Onmyoji, how dare you? A hundred thousand years ago, you weren't even qualified. Now, you're not even worthy to be my opponent."

The Seven Elders used some unknown method to appear next to Divine Onmyoji out of thin air and stare at TrueGod Xuanyi.

"The two of you combined are still far from enough."

As soon as TrueGod Xuanyi finished speaking, a strange feeling arose inside him. He turned his head to look at the space that was split open by Bladelord's blade. He saw an extremely imposing figure walk out from the sharpest part of the blade qi.

This person had broad shoulders and was dressed in a martial robe.

The blood qi in his body was extremely powerful. Even from a thousand miles away, one could hear blood flowing in his veins like a river.

Jiatianxia's eyes suddenly narrowed, and he said, "The Yanluo clan, Wu Qingzong. Why isn't he guarding the Yan Family of Abyss but appearing here?"

Wherever Wu Qingzong passed, the blade qi completely dissipated and the space slowly closed.

After the space had completely recovered, Wu Qingzong stood proudly and looked at TrueGod Xuanyi. "Do you think I'm enough for me to fight you?"

TrueGod Xuanyi calmly said, "Of course."

The unexpected appearance of Wu Qingzong caused the hearts of the gods of the Heavenly Realm to sink.

They wondered if that was a trap.

It was understandable how Death Reverend could come so quickly. After all, no one in the Celestial Court and the Infernal Court could match her speed. But they just could not understand how the Seven Elders and Wu Qingzong also arrived so quickly. They suspected they had been lying in wait here.

In the Fane of Origin, on the top of the Altar of Megalithic.

Zhang Ruochen did not take the risk to try in the end. After all, even if he used the Divine Bone to build a bridge, it would not last long.

Moreover, there were two major variables.

First, he was concerned about the sudden rise of the blood fog on the Lake of the Divine Blood.

Previously, Yuan Qianmo had only come into contact with the blood fog for a moment and suffered an enormous setback.

Second, no one knew if there were other dangers on sword island.

If there were, he would definitely die if he went recklessly with his level of cultivation.

Zhang Ruochen looked at the other end of the Lake of the Divine Blood. There were several strange giant stone buildings there.

The top of the altar was big, but the Lake of the Divine Blood only took up a small area. It could be imagined that before the Lake of the Divine Blood appeared, those giant stone buildings were the main body of the top of the altar.

Zhang Ruochen knew very well that the gods of the Heavenly Realm and the Infernal Court could arrive at the Fane of Origin at any time. Time was of the essence, so there was no need to risk his lives for the Divine Artifact.

It was more important to find Ji Fanxin and leave the Fane of Origin as soon as possible.

Many of the powerful cultivators had died because they were too greedy.

He did not need to be greedy.

"I hope Guye Jing didn't lie to me. If there really was the sound of a flute in this area, it must be related to this altar. The only places on the altar that haven't been explored are the giant stone buildings."

Zhang Ruochen returned to the array of camels. After discussing with the others, he walked toward the giant stone buildings.

The cultivators of the Fane of Death followed him.

They also contacted Duan Lingfeng. Both sides discussed telepathically and reached some unknown agreement. They had wanted to ally with Wuma Jiuxing, but Wuma Jiuxing stood on top of Creo Dragon's head, just staring at the void cloud and ignored them.

Master Ye You looked at the cultivators of the Fane of Death who were approaching quickly and said solemnly, "This is bad. I'm afraid the Fane of Death is going to attack us."

"Ignore them. If they dare to attack us, we'll just take care of them."

With Granny Begonia by his side, Zhang Ruochen was very confident.

There were four megalithic buildings in total. They were strange, looking like Taoist temples, castles, and shrines.

The largest one had no doors. There was only a round window that was over 100 feet above the ground. It was pitch black inside the window. They used their spiritual power to check, but were blocked outside.

Zhang Ruochen asked, "Did you notice if Ji Fanxin came out of this window?"

They all shook their heads in unison.

Bai Qing'er was the first to climb up the Altar of Megalithic. Zhang Ruochen would never believe that she had not entered these buildings to investigate.

Granny Begonia said in a hoarse voice, "This place is strange. Ruochen, don't go in recklessly."

"I understand."

Zhang Ruochen took out Fei Zhong's puppet body and poured a stream of spiritual power and soul power into it. The puppet body immediately came to life.

This puppet body had close to the combat strength of Peerless-class Supreme Saints, and it was the most person to do the recce.

The puppet body leaped and flew into the round window.


Only a moment later, there was an explosion inside. The entire megalithic building shook violently and strange ancient divine patterns emerged. There was a strange sound coming from inside.

The sound was strange, as if it was coming from a living creature.

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen's sense of Fei Zhong's puppet body disappeared.

His expression changed drastically. He wondered if the puppet body, which was close to the Peerless-class battle strength, was destroyed just like that. But he did not know what exactly happened inside.

Such a puppet body was worth more than a Class Seven Regal Artifact. However, Zhang Ruochen did not regret it but was just afraid.

Despite Master Ye You, Seven-Armed Elder, and Kai Luo had all experienced great battles before, they were all ashen-faced now.

No one noticed that at the moment of the explosion in the megalithic building, the sword island in the center of the Lake of the Divine Blood trembled and sank a bit.

While they were still in shock…

"Zhang Ruochen, you've colluded with the cultivators of the Celestial Court against the Infernal Court. Today is the day you die." The cultivators of the Fane of Death surrounded the array of camels.

Zhang Ruochen turned around and said, "If you want to kill me and take my treasures, just say so. Why do you need such a pretentious excuse?"

Yuan Benji smiled and said, "Since you see so clearly, hand over the Supreme Artifacts, and maybe you can live today."

Zhang Ruochen said, "With just you alone?"

Yuan Benji said, "What you rely on is only the array of Kai Luo. Once this defensive array is broken, how can you be a match for the Fane of Death? Coincidentally, Duan Lingfeng is also an array master. How long do you think this defensive array can stop him?"

Yuan Benji was only a weakling among the group of Peerless-class Supreme Saints. However, he could not stop Yuan Qianmo's younger brother, whose status qualified him to represent the Fane of Death.

Duan Lingfeng walked to the front and smiled sinisterly.

Yuan Benji, who thought he had Zhang Ruochen today, smiled triumphantly. "My fourth brother is about to break through to godhood. By then, even ten Kai Luos would not be his match."

"Hand over the Supreme Artifacts before he attains godhood. This is your only way out."

The cultivators of the Fane of Death were very pleased with themselves. They were not worried about Yuan Qianmo's safety at all. They knew that once Yuan Qianmo lost to Ji Fanxin and was in a life-and-death situation, he would definitely break through to become a god.

For Yuan Qianmo, who was ranked first in the Tome of the Divines, no one could stop him once he achieved the breakthrough. Of course, gods were an exception.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen's gaze shifted to the void cloud in the distance. He saw an unbelievable scene. "Not good!"

Wuma Jiuxing, who had been standing on top of the Creo Dragon's head, emitted a bright divine light. He burst out with unparalleled divine power, causing the space to shake violently.

Saintwill. In an instant, it was crushed into pieces.

He stretched out a hand and slapped it toward the void cloud.


The hand turned into a divine cloud and merged Bai Qing'er into the domain of Primeval Chaos Saintwill. In an instant, it was crushed into pieces.

The four skilled fighters who were fighting fiercely inside flew out like scarecrows and fell to the ground. All of them were covered in blood and seriously wounded.

"Wuma Jiuxing, what are you doing?"

General Pillar roared and immediately rushed toward Bai Qing'er, who was lying in a pool of blood.

However, before he could get close to her, he was cut by a saber light that flew out of Wuma Jiuxing's eyes, his stone body turning into a pile of rubble, and all his vitality vanished.

Lord Turtle swung his iron staff at Wuma Jiuxing, but a sleeve blew him away from the Altar of Megalithic into an unknown place.

Yuan Qianmo, Guye Jing, Xue Lingxian, and Bai Qing'er all looked at Wuma Jiuxing. The divine power and precept marks on his body was suppressing them, and it was difficult for them to stand up.

Bai Qing'er faced the divine power head-on and slowly sat down on the ground. Her red lips were stained with blood, and she said with a self-deprecating smile, "So you have already attained godhood long ago, haven't you?"

"It's not too long ago. I only made it after I left Hoth," Wu Ma Jiuxing said indifferently.

Bai Qing'er asked, "Why?"

Wuma Jiuxing clasped his hands behind his back, looked up at the sky, and sighed. "Because the strongest Path of Saber is in the Celestial Court and the Bladeworld."

"So, you were missing because you had gone to the Bladeworld during all these years?" Bai Qing'er asked.


Wuma Jiuxing flew down from the top of the Creo Dragon's head and stomped on Yuan Qianmo's head, who was about to make a breakthrough and become a god. He then kicked his headless body into the Lake of the Divine Blood.

The body turned into dust and sank to the bottom of the lake.

He was a proud son of heaven and ranked first in the Tome of the Divines, but ended up dying a tragic death, killed like a mortal with not a single bone left behind.

Wuma Jiuxing paced around and said casually, "All of you will die today, anyway. There's no harm in telling you. Behind the Pneuma Hall has always been the Bladeworld and the Heavenly Realm. Qing'er, your talent is unparalleled. If you are willing to submit, you may live today."

"Submit? Submit to whom?" Bai Qing'er seemed to be really tempted.

Wuma Jiu Xing looked down at Bai Qing'er and said, "Hand over half of your Saint Soul and let me control it. I will protect you."

The divine power that came down on Bai Qing'er became even more powerful.


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