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Chapter 1576: Information

Chapter 1576: Information
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The Silver Queen explained how things worked in and out of the Transcendent Martial Ground.

The Martial Ground was a competitive place where cultivators fought each other, and used a point system to get ahead of others.

Every day inside the secret realm, one could challenge someone else to a duel, which the challenged person could accept or reject, depending on how many times they were challenged.

Accepting a challenge began a duel between the two that no one else could interfere in. The one who won the duel was awarded points based on the cultivation base of the individual they defeated.

Saint Condensation realm cultivators gave between 1 and 9 points.

Saint Foundation realm cultivators gave between 11 and 19 points.

Saint Core realm cultivators gave between 21 and 29 points.

Saint Soul realm cultivators gave between 31 and 39 points.

Saint Transformation realm cultivators gave between 41 and 49 points.

If anyone interfered in another person's duel, they would lose 50 points at once, and the fight between the other two would be considered a draw with neither gaining points.

One could challenge up to 3 times a day for points alone, and any points they won would be added to the 'Acquired Points' section on their talisman.

The second section was 'Losses', and it was what would count as the result of one's duel. If the cultivator won, there would be no change, but if they lost, a single point would be added to it.

The first battle of the day that someone accepted was always considered to be what determined whether the point was added to 'Losses' or not.

Even if one won their first battle of the day, but lost the next 10 in a row, it wouldn't matter. There would be no points added to the Losses section.

A person could only reject upto 3 duels a day, and if they fought no battle by the end of it, they would receive a loss as well.

Even if they weren't being challenged, they were required to go out and challenge others, or else they would receive a loss.

30 Losses in total meant a complete loss for the person. After 30 losses, they were sent out of the Secret realm and could no longer return.

A Loss in the duel was considered when one of the people gave up, or when they were unable to return to battle after some time. However, if they were attacked too harshly, a defensive measure inside the talisman would activate, sending the person in a random direction away from the Duel.

That would cause a person to receive a loss as well as a point in the third category, Out of Bounds.

Once one went outside a certain range during a duel, either by the talisman, or some defensive techniques, or was even sent flying by the enemy, they would be out of bounds of the set dueling area and would thus receive a point to Out of Bounds as well as a Loss.

5 Out of Bounds in total caused the person to lose overall. It was the same as getting 30 Losses.

All of this was made so people would stand their ground and fight others in a duel. The Transcendent Martial Ground was focused on helping people grow as a fighter, so these rules were set in place for a long ago, refined over time.

The Queen went on to explain a few more things regarding how the points system worked, how one could find opponents, and how everyone outside could view their data publicly.

The ones with the top numbers would be shown on a ranking board as well, so if people wanted to impress someone, they would have to make it there.

"The final rankings that appear on the board will be considered for direct seeding in the Continental Tournament, depending on the age limit of 2000 years. So, do your best." the Silver Queen's voice roared through the sky for everyone to hear.

Everyone looked nervous and excited at the same time.

Alex couldn't see all that many people, but there were a few strong ones that he couldn't recognize at all. One of those was even a woman in the Saint Transformation realm, which was very surprising for Alex.

He hadn't expected someone so old to take part. But then again, age meant little for cultivators. He focused on the gate that would open up soon for them to enter, but there was one more thing for the Queen to announce.

"One last thing," the Queen spoke. "This has nothing to do with the Transcendent Martial Ground itself, but we believe you will want to know this."

"The King of the Southern Continent, his Majesty Alex Benton will be taking part, and he has asked me to pass along a message to every single person entering the secret realm," she said.

The crowd whispered with each other and gossiped while Yingkong looked at Alex curiously. He wondered what message he was passing along.

"Whoever wins a match against his Majesty, even if he rejects the match, he will hand over one of these 5 pills to the person," the Queen said.

"A pill for improving your cultivation speed, a pill for healing, a pill for surviving poisons, a pill to improve your spiritual energy, and a pill of temporarily empowering your current cultivation base," she said.

She paused for a moment for the ones below to go over the things. They all were quite shocked at the information and talked amongst themselves.

"For your information, King Alex is a cultivator that his Majesty the Emperor acknowledges as his superior, and you will never find a single person in life or in history that can make a pill better than him."

"Win against King Alex, and you can ask him for one of the 5 pills."

She let the information run through the crowd.

Yingkong quickly turned toward Alex. "Your Majesty, this is absurd. They will hound you like animals. They will all seek you out as soon as we enter."

"That's alright with me," Alex said. "There's a reason I made your sister say all those things."

He looked around at the people who were eyeing him back. They were all looking at him like hungry dogs who had finally found something to eat.

Alex had just become target number 1 inside the secret realm and he couldn't wait for the pressure to forge him in there. 'It will be interesting to see how long I can survive on the sword alone,' he thought.

He had no doubts he would lose most of those matches to a certain degree.

"Now that you have learned this, get ready," the Silver Queen said, catching everyone's attention. "The secret realm is opening."

The entrance that was a large arch shined a silver bright with a swirling aura on it. Experienced fights entered one by one, and everyone moved to it as well.

Alex could sense the teleportation aura on it and knew what would happen next. He stepped onto the swirling energy and a bunch of teleportation aura caught around him.

"See you later, Your Majesty," Yingkong said and disappeared before Alex.

A second later, Alex was teleported as well, into the Transcendent Martial Ground.


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