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Chapter 1535: Centennial Chaos Part 2

Chapter 1535: Centennial Chaos Part 2
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Abyrus went to the temple with Fycro in tow. The temple was at the highest peak at the divine mountain, and it was surrounded by clouds. They were unable to block the holy light from shining on the entire divine kingdom. The clouds were glimmering as a result.

Abyrus had been brutal and killed every single angel that crossed its path. Its powers were unaffected by the divine persona it consumed, and had actually seen a considerable rise instead.

The former seraph did not know that Nailisi had taken the brunt of the consumption of the divine persona in its stead, and Abyrus simply thought that it was unusually talented, enabling it to negate all the obstacles. However, there was no way one could have negated rules.

Saleen had to train for 10,000 years after acquiring the Heretic God's power of the source, gradually absorbing it before getting to level 17. Furthermore, that advancement was lacking in many ways.

Abyrus reached the pinnacle of level 15 without any glitch, and it seemed that it was still able to advance further. All of that had gone to its head, preventing it from seeing the true nature of things.

What had actually happened was that after consuming that divine persona, Nailisi took the brunt considerably in its stead. There was no way it could have wiped away what she had planted in the depths of its Source, unless it was willing to pay a considerable price by shattering the piece of divine persona, which would have caused its powers to drop significantly and be reduced to level 13. It was already a level 14 before consuming that piece of divine persona.

Abyrus headed inside the temple and went straight to the place where the Lord of Glory rested. Gods needed to rest as well, and that rest was not to be interrupted. Abyrus stabbed the Sword of Glory into a divine rune charm array on the wall, cracking it and revealing a huge room behind.

The room was crafted using saint stones and thus was flawlessly white. Every single saint stone was capable of fusing with other saint stones. If it had not been for the divine rune charm array, the room would have been completely sealed.

"Fycro, this is yours," Abyrus said and took out a golden mirror from a cabinet crafted using divine remains in the center of the room.

Fycro took the mirror and felt its power seeping into his body.

Was Abyrus insane? An unprotected godly item like this would be able to provide him with a huge boost of power, and he would have been able to restore his powers to level 14 at any given moment and even continue to advance.

Abyrus was oblivious to Fycro's changes. It reached out for a scepter in the cabinet excitedly and held it in its hand.

The Lord of Glory had six scepters, and they would be broken when casting his greatest divine spell. Throughout the years warring with the other gods, there had been three scepters that ended up completely lost or beyond repair.

The Lord of Glory had left another scepter for resurrection in another divine kingdom. That scepter was a Divine Authority Scepter. With it, Abyrus would have been able to command all angels on the mountain.

"Come with me, Fycro. We need to kill someone." Abyrus took the scepter and left.

Fycro had gotten even more sure of the angel's idiocy. The wings behind its back flickered, and that was the sign of its powers were extremely unstable, showing that there were cracks internally. If Fycro were in its shoes, he would have looked for a place where no one would have been able to find him and stabilized his body before doing anything else.

Yet, Abyrus still wanted to go out to kill someone, and that was tantamount to suicide.

But if the thing is so eager to die, he didn't see any point in stopping it.

Fycro was not benevolent. He had no intention of going against Saleen, as he knew that he would need to be way more powerful than the Lord of Glory if he did so. He lost a considerable portion of his powers, and taking the chance to kill Abyrus and rob the angel of its powers seemed more sensible.

Abyrus was all gung ho after acquiring that Divine Authority Scepter. Having consumed a divine persona prior, its journey to become a god was right before its eyes, and it wondered what the demon would have thought of it.

You want to control me? Hmph, it would have been possible in the past, but now that I know of my true value, I will never bow to anyone ever again.

From a certain perspective, Abyrus, who was created by the Lord of Glory, was a black sheep among the god creatures. It had an unmatched talent for combat, but it had a lot to learn when it came to dealing with others. If it had not been the Lord of Glory's sick adoration for the angel, it would have long been killed off by its peers.

When a person like that gained power, disasters would have ensued.

However, that disaster was not something to be wreaked upon others, but upon themselves.

Fycro was far more sensible than Abyrus, and he definitely knew what course to choose. If he were able to run, he definitely would not have stayed back to deal with all that nonsense, but he also knew that Saleen would not just let the people from the divine kingdom run away.

The divine mountain was shrouded in camouflages of many kinds. Under usual circumstances, even if there were armies of other god creatures invading the place, they would not have been able to locate the divine mountain.

However, things were different with Dante, as it had acquired a scent given to it by Nailisi. Dante managed to find the mountain simply by tracing that scent, which could have only originated from Abyrus.

Dante was not technically alone. The three-headed and six-armed being had a bunch of lightning warriors following right behind it, clashing with Abyrus and Fycro, who had emerged from the divine mountain, head on.

Abyrus used the Divine Authority Scepter and commanded some of the angels, who swarmed from behind it. It never thought for a second that the demon would have been a match for it.

The slave god and the fallen angel clashed head on. Abyrus took a curious look at Dante and lifted its scepter. A thin beam of holy light hit Dante's chest.

Abyrus was elated, but that beam of holy light was repelled for unknown reasons right afterwards. Its hand was numbed for a bit, and the scepter almost flew out of its hand. Holy light gushed from Abyrus' body, and the scepter actually flew out of its hand. However, the scepter remained hovering before it, and Abyrus took it with its left hand.

Dante thought the counterattack was quite a pity. The reflective attack of lightning was not could not be cast instantly. It had been a trigger spell that it had to prepare for over four hours before it could have been used.

Nailisi knew what Abyrus was like well enough and informed Dante of it, and the servant god had designed a trap specifically for Abyrus.

It was a pity that Abyrus was powerful enough to keep its weapon, instead of losing it in one go.

At that moment, Fycro took the opportunity to clap the golden mirror in his hand on the back of Abyrus' head. He was using sheer brute force to do so, and the power within the mirror gushed out and seeped into Abyrus' mind.

If Abyrus had been given a bit of time, that would have hardly caused any damage, as the massive power of the clap would have almost been enough to allow Abyrus to advance yet again. The godly item was also something the Lord of Glory had prepared for his own future advancement, and massive amounts of power of faith was stockpiled in it a long time ago.

Fycro knew the power of faith very well. His divine arts all came from the time training on Myers Mainland and his proficiency with them had been impeccable. He knew that only gods of the likes of the Lord of Glory would have been able to take such raging powers.

Regardless of how formidable Abyrus' body was, the angel had not been ready for that.

That surge of raging power was no longer as warm as the holy light, as it felt like intense explosions instead. Abyrus wiggled about for a bit and Dante took the opportunity to slash an invisible short sword on Abyrus' fingers hard.

That short sword was crafted using the Heretic God's bone and was incredibly sharp. Abyrus' fingers were cut off without making a sound.

"Fycro!" Abyrus was able to recover eventually. The power at the back of its head was absorbed, but with its fingers cut, the Divine Authority Scepter. Tens of angels lunged at it, but it ended up being taken by a high level lightning warrior nonetheless.

Divine authority of the scepter had no meaning to the likes of lightning warriors.

The core of puppet creatures were hardly affected by such means of overpowering others. Furthermore, lightning warriors were clad in electrical discharge all over their bodies. The power of the scepter was actually being suppressed by an insignificant puppet.

That lightning puppet then lunged at Dante, but was quickly absorbed into its body, making the scepter disappear as well.

Fycro had long retreated from the barricade of the angels. He charged to the side of the lightning warriors and then pointed at Abyrus, saying, "a fallen angel would have too much difficulty absorbing the power of light. So, you are actually targeting my body, am I correct?"

Abyrus felt anxious and frustrated. It never harbored such thoughts, as it simply thought that Fycro would have definitely been at odds with the demon and also an enemy of the Lord of Glory, so he would have definitely helped the angel. However, there was simply no way the angel could have comprehended thoughts of a human. At the very least, Fycro still had a soul at the moment, and he still remembered that he was a human.

From Abyrus' perspective, becoming its servant god would have been an honor, and said servant god would have gained eternal life. That should have been the highest bestowal and honor to Fycro.

From Fycro's perspective however, that would have been an insult.

Dante had the lightning warriors cover Fycro's escape. All three huge heads of Dante smirked ferociously as it lashed out at Abyrus with the weapons in its hands in a flurry.

Abyrus brandished the Sword of Glory at that moment, struggling to resist Dante's attacks.

If Dante were only a common god, it would not have been a match to Abyrus. However, Dante was surrounded by Dance of the Electric Snakes, and Abyrus had never seen such a frequent and eerie attack before. The angels behind intended to aid Abyrus, but they were all shut outside as they were unable to withstand the electric snakes' power.

It was the Thunder God Territory, a skill possessed by Dante, at work. While it was not as proficient in lightning skills as Saleen, it was far better at controlling such territories than Saleen had ever been.

Dante had only unleashed the electric snakes. Angels below level 14 had too little resistance against the electric snakes. All of the many angels were shut outside, leaving Abyrus alone to deal with Dante's flurry of attacks.

Worse still, the flurry came from six arms, effectively surrounding the angel.

Abyrus was in great pain. Its advantage in terms of speed, power, and combat techniques were all null before Dante. That servant god had a stronger body, and the number of arms were able to make up for its inferior speed. As for technique...

Dante had little need for technique. It had enough power to spare, even if it was fighting in the Lord of Glory's divine kingdom. Abyrus was not prepared to fight someone like Dante.

Dante had absolute advantage, and it only said after being sure that there was no way Abyrus could escape, "Abyrus, I take it? Why are you still holding on? You do know that the demon has cast a shadow on your Source. Even if you became a god, you would lose all power of light and be turned to darkness."

Abyrus' voice croaked as it swung the Sword of Glory about, saying, wWho are you? Why did you invade my kingdom?"

"Your kingdom?" Dante snickered sarcastically and continued, "this is my kingdom. I shall have all god creatures transfer their faith to me. Abyrus, I'm willing to have you become my servant god. If you refuse, then I see no other option but to have you purified."

Abyrus' hand faltered. It almost wanted to surrender. However, it still felt vexed. If the Lord of Glory emerged victorious, it wondered what would have happened to it.


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