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Night Ranger

Night Ranger

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The Night Ranger novel has become a beloved light novel that delves into the realms of Fantasy, Martial Arts, and Action. It is skillfully crafted by the talented author known as Dark Blue Coconut Milk, with a total of 735 captivating chapters. The translation of every single chapter has been diligently completed, making it accessible to all readers.


: Upon being reincarnated into a frail noble's body, Marvin was taken aback to find himself in a familiar world - the very same one he had spent countless hours playing in his past life. But there was no time to dwell on this realization as he only had six months before the impending Great Calamity. As a former top player, it was only natural for Marvin to take up arms and fight to save the world. However, with such limited time, he knew that planning and preparation were crucial. After all, why waste precious moments battling against deities when he could use his knowledge of the game to gain an advantage? And so, we follow Marvin on his journey through this new world, where he must navigate through challenges and obstacles using his wits and strategic thinking. Will he be able to change the course of fate and emerge victorious? Only time will tell.


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