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My Youth Began With Him (Xnovel)

My Youth Began With Him (Xnovel)

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The beloved light novel, My Youth Began With Him, has captured the hearts of readers with its captivating blend of romance and Josei themes. Penned by the talented Baby Piggie, this novel boasts an impressive 4927 translated chapters, with every single one expertly translated for your reading pleasure.


: "Seven years ago, after their relationship ended, he vanished without a trace. But now, on the eve of her wedding, he has resurfaced and is determined to make her marry him by any means necessary. With a marriage certificate, he binds her tightly to his side, and thus begins this modern-day Cinderella's journey as the wife of a wealthy business heir. Mrs. Huo is a composed and sharp-tongued woman with exceptional intelligence, while Mr. Qin is a devoted father to their daughter and a hopeless romantic when it comes to his wife. This is a high-quality love story that will captivate you from start to finish. Join us as we dive into this tale together. Translation by Noodletown Translated, edited by Noodletown Translated."


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