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My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

Chapters 134Views 9Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
:"My Pet Is a Holy Maiden is a well-known light novel that falls under the categories of Action, Adventure, and Comedy. It was written by the talented author Muku Bunchou and has gained a large following. Currently, 134 chapters have been translated and work on translating the remaining chapters is ongoing."


Yamagata Tatsumi and his family were on a road trip when their car was hit by a reckless truck. Despite the devastating accident, Tatsumi miraculously survived while his entire family perished. With no one left to turn to, he found solace in his loyal pet cockatiel, who had been his companion since childhood. However, even this comfort was short-lived as the bird's life eventually came to an end, leaving Tatsumi alone and without purpose. In the days that followed, Tatsumi lived in a daze, going through the motions of each day without any real meaning. But every night, he would dream of a girl praying in a stone room. As the days passed, he found himself reminiscing about his beloved bird while strumming his acoustic guitar, playing the same songs they used to sing together. Then, something strange happened. One night, as Tatsumi lay in bed, the area around him began to glow and the scenery around him transformed. He was still in his room, but it now resembled the one from his dreams, and the girl he had been dreaming of was there before him. She was crying tears of joy as she embraced him, revealing herself to be Holy Woman Calzedonia. Through her tears, she exclaimed, "Finally... finally we meet again, master. I am your pet, Chiiko." Tatsumi was stunned, unable to believe what was happening. But as Calzedonia explained, she had been reincarnated as a human after her death as a bird, and had been searching for her beloved master ever since. Overcome with emotion, Tatsumi held onto Calzedonia tightly, grateful to have his dear pet back in his life once again. And from that day on, they were inseparable, with Calzedonia always by Tatsumi's side, just like she had been in her previous life as Chiiko.


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