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Lord Xue Ying

Lord Xue Ying

Chapters 1388Views 11Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
The novel "Lord Xue Ying" has taken the literary world by storm, captivating readers with its thrilling blend of Action, Adventure, and Fantasy. Penned by the talented author known as I Eat Tomatoes, this epic tale spans an impressive 1388 chapters, each one expertly translated for the enjoyment of fans worldwide. With the completion of the final chapter, the journey of Lord Xue Ying is now available in its entirety for readers to immerse themselves in.


Nestled in the serene Tranquil Sun province of the empire lies a modest lordship by the name of Xue Ying Territory. This is where the Dong Bo clan resides, the very clan to which our valiant hero Xue Ying belongs. His father, once a humble commoner, rose to nobility through hard work and determination. His mother, a noblewoman who defied her family's wishes for love, also calls this place home. And then there is his younger brother, an innocent child still learning the ways of the world. But as we all know, peace is a fleeting luxury. And for Xue Ying, it was no exception. His tranquil existence was abruptly shattered, leaving him with no choice but to seek power in order to reclaim what was rightfully his.


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