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Living As the Villainess Queen (Web Novel KR)

Living As the Villainess Queen (Web Novel KR)

Chapters 301Views 23Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
"Experience the captivating world of Living As the Villainess Queen, a beloved Korean web novel that delves into the realms of Adult, Drama, and Fantasy. Penned by the talented author Covering The Sky, this novel has gained widespread popularity with its 301 translated chapters and ongoing translations for future installments."


The thought of venturing to an unfamiliar land had always lingered in Eugene's mind, but she never truly believed it would become a reality. However, fate had other plans for her. As she opened her eyes, she was transported to a world straight out of a novel - one that she had only written about in passing. But now, she found herself embodying the role of Jin Anika, the infamous queen known for her cold-heartedness and deemed unworthy of her royal title. All Queen Jin desired was to witness the downfall of this world - the very same one where she met her tragic end as the villainess at the hands of her husband, King Kasser, ruler of the Fourth Kingdom. Struggling to adapt to this unknown realm, Eugene was suddenly visited by King Kasser himself, demanding that a contract they had made three years ago be fulfilled without delay. It was then revealed that Queen Jin had been bound to a marriage contract with King Kasser, with the ultimate price being to bear him a child - a successor to his throne. Eugene could hardly believe it - she was now expected to fulfill the role of a mother to the king's child.


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