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Kingdom’s Bloodline

Kingdom’s Bloodline

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The novel "Kingdoms Bloodline" has gained a huge following among readers, with its captivating blend of Action, Drama, and Fantasy. It is written by the talented author known as Masterless Sword, and currently boasts 593 translated chapters, with more translations in the works.


As a young beggar, a royal heir, and a feared enemy, Thales faced a difficult decision. Which of his identities would lead him to a better fate? But the answer eluded him. All he knew was that he had been transported to a wondrous new world, with a future as daunting as a nightmare. The once-glorious Empire had crumbled a millennium ago, leaving behind a troubled royal family, a treacherous holy war, and a chaotic world divided by power struggles. Yet, Thales had nothing to his name. His only assets were an unbreakable determination to hold onto his true self, the courage to survive in perilous situations, and a steadfast refusal to conform to beliefs he did not hold. For Thales, being a king was not about inheriting a noble bloodline. It was about earning respect through one's actions. And in this world of darkness and turmoil, he knew that only through enduring trials and emerging stronger could he become a true leader. Forged in fire, his story as the forbidden prince began here.


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