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King of Gods

King of Gods

Chapters 1585Views 71Bookmarked 3.1KStatusOngoing
The novel "King of Gods" is a highly sought-after light novel that encompasses the thrilling genres of Action, Adventure, and Comedy. It is penned by none other than the talented author known as Fast Food Restaurant. With an impressive 1585 chapters translated, the entire story has been brought to life for readers to enjoy. The translation of every single chapter has been successfully completed, making this novel a must-read for fans of these genres.


:"His determination is unbreakable and he refuses to conform to society's norms. Yet, his fate was predetermined from the start - born into a lesser sect's branch. But one fateful day, everything changed when his left eye fused with that of an Ancient God in a freak accident. From that moment on, he transformed from a mere fish into a mighty dragon. He ascended like a shining star, embarking on the path of a legendary cultivator. No longer a lowly ant at the bottom of the world, he climbed his way up, facing powerful sects, ancient clans, and countless prodigies. This is an era of epic tales, where his name will be etched in history."


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