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Isaac's novel has gained immense popularity among readers for its blend of Comedy, Drama, and Fantasy elements. Penned by the talented author Chue Mong Gak, this light novel consists of 214 captivating chapters. The translation of all these chapters has been successfully completed, making it accessible to a wider audience.


The moniker of "Insane Traitor Terrorist" was bestowed upon Joonyoung, a valiant soldier who fought in a losing battle. In a final act of cunning, he sacrificed himself for his cause and was transported to a new world. Now known as Isaac, he yearns for a peaceful existence. However, his own family seeks to eliminate him, so they send him to the prestigious Campus, the Empire's renowned hub of education. Their hope is that he will be expelled and his reputation as their heir will be tarnished. The school promises to treat him as if he doesn't exist, with no protection under its rules. But Isaac, or Joonyoung, sees things differently. He views this as an opportunity to break free from any constraints and pursue his desires without limitations.


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