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Infinite Bloodcore

Infinite Bloodcore

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:"The Infinite Bloodcore novel has gained widespread popularity as a light novel that combines elements of Action, Adventure, and Fantasy. It is written by the talented author Gu Zhen Ren and currently consists of 212 translated chapters, with more translations in the works."


As the darkness enveloped the night, the only source of illumination was the thunderous beat of war drums and fierce battle cries. The young man's senses were heightened as he strained to decipher the sounds, realizing they were in fact his own heartbeat and the coursing of his blood. As he cautiously moved forward, he couldn't help but wonder what lurked in the shadows ahead. Was it a mere mortal, a powerful deity, or perhaps a terrifying monster? In this treacherous journey, there was no such thing as a "best" path to take. For every step taken held the potential for endless possibilities and unknown dangers.


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