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In Different World with Naruto System (WN)

In Different World with Naruto System (WN)

Chapters 381Views 13Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
The novel "In Different World with Naruto System WN" has gained a lot of popularity among readers, as it combines elements of fantasy, slice of life, and adventure. It is written by the talented author Fish ball sauce and has a total of 381 chapters that have been translated for readers to enjoy. The translation of all the chapters has been completed, making it a fully accessible read for fans.


In the mystical land of Divine Wind Continent, a unique cultivation system reigns supreme - douqi, illusion, and magic. Ren Tian You, an avid fan of Naruto, found himself transported to this world by a careless mistake. But little did he know, he possessed the incredible Naruto system within his own body. With douqi at his disposal, I will use my father's taijutsu skills to defeat any opponent. And don't underestimate my mastery of illusions - my father is none other than the ancestor of all illusions, with the powerful Sharingan as his weapon. Witness the might of my Tsukuyomi! But that's not all, for I am also a skilled magician. However, my father's true calling lies in the ways of the ninja. Behold the power of my fire style - a grand fireball that will leave my enemies in awe.


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