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I Reincarnated For Nothing

I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapters 204Views 29Bookmarked 3.1KStatusOngoing
The novel "I Reincarnated For Nothing" has gained a lot of popularity among readers, as it falls under the genres of Action, Adventure, and Comedy. It is written by the talented author Toika and has a total of 204 translated chapters, with all of them being fully translated.


"My existence as a demon was meant to be one of power and privilege, ranked as the 4th strongest in the Demon King's Army. But fate had other plans for me, as my life was abruptly ended by the blade of a hero. Yet, with my memories from a past life still intact, I am given a second chance at life as a human. And this time, I will not be held back by the constraints of my demonic nature. With my fearless determination and cunning wit, I will rise above all others and become unmatched in strength and skill."


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