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I Am Supreme

I Am Supreme

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The novel "I Am Supreme" has captured the hearts of readers with its captivating blend of Fantasy, Harem, and Action elements. Penned by the talented author Fengling Tianxia, this light novel has already been translated into 1092 chapters, with more translations currently in the works.


I am the Supreme, my power reverberates throughout the world, My name echoes in every corner, for I am the Supreme. Even the most potent medicine is useless if it cannot heal, And those who do not strive to become gods will crumble into dust. But even in a world where heavenly order is flawed and injustice runs rampant, I will not succumb to romantic notions or let evil prevail. For amidst the misery, kindness can still bloom, And I will not let rage fuel disputes. Beyond the constraints of principles and rules, I will carry out justice with my blade in hand and passion in my heart. For I am the one who passes judgement on life and death, And heroes are sentenced by my blade. With cold eyes, I survey the world without regrets, For I am Yun Yang, the central figure of the Nine Supremes of Yutang. When my brothers were ambushed and killed at Tianxuan Cliff, I was the only one to escape, though not unscathed. Now, watch as I seek revenge for my fallen brothers, Against all those who were involved in their massacre. For I am the Supreme, and no one can stand in my way.


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