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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapters 2057Views 11Bookmarked 3.1KStatusOngoing
The highly acclaimed novel, "Falling for You, Mr. Nian," has taken the literary world by storm with its captivating blend of Adult, Josei, and Mature themes. Penned by the talented Leaf Snow, this masterpiece has been translated into a whopping 2057 chapters, with every single one expertly rendered in English for readers to enjoy.


Thanks to the cunning schemes of her boyfriend and best friend, Xu Luosang, once a wealthy and respected lady, was forced to conceal her true identity in order to rebuild her life. Her fiancé had betrayed her and caused her father to be imprisoned, turning their once passionate love into bitter hatred. In order to regain her power and save her father, she resorts to lying about her age, hiding her beauty, and taking on the role of a caregiver. Her first patient is Nian Junting, a domineering and self-absorbed president who has been left paralyzed after an accident. To make matters worse, he is also unable to perform physically. As a manchild, he always says the opposite of what others want to hear. At first, Xu Luosang sees their relationship as nothing more than a business deal and continues to focus on her plans for revenge. However, as time goes by, she realizes that he truly cares for her. He shamelessly pesters her and even manages to obtain a marriage certificate. His sense of justice and fairness slowly charm her, but will he be able to make her fall in love again? Xu Luosang's sister, Luosang, must have accumulated a lot of bad karma in her past lives to have caught the eye of her own brother. He asks her, "If I push Zhong Yi into the water every day, will you kiss me and feed me every day?" Xu Luosang can't help but smirk. "Seriously? Are you jealous of a dog?"


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