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God Emperor

God Emperor

Chapters 2596Views 17Bookmarked 3.1KStatusOngoing
:"The novel "God Emperor" is a beloved light novel that falls under the genres of Action, Adventure, and Fantasy. It is written by the talented author Flying Fish and has a total of 2596 translated chapters, with more translations currently in the works."


Zhang Ruo Chen was the only male successor of one of the nine emperors of the Kunlun Field. His father, known as the Enlightened Emperor, was highly respected by all. However, Ruo Chen did not rely on his status as an emperor's son. He proved himself to be exceptional, possessing a divine body and reaching Greater Perfection in the Yellow Horizon Realm at the young age of 16. Despite being at the peak of the younger generation and having a bright future ahead of him, he tragically died at the hands of his own fiancée. But 800 years later, he was reincarnated into the body of a young boy with the same name. He discovered that his former fiancée had united the Kunlun Field and established the First Central Empire, now known as Empress Chi Yao. She ruled over the mortal world with great power and had achieved eternal life. Standing outside the Imperial Ancestral Temple, Zhang Ruochen gazed at the statue of Empress Chi Yao with a burning hatred in his heart. "After 13 years of training," he thought, "I will bring about the empress's downfall."


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