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Empress Running Away with the Ball

Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapters 1041Views 15Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
"Empress Running Away with the Ball is a beloved light novel that delves into the realms of history, psychology, and romance. Penned by the talented author Luo Xiao Xi, this story spans an impressive 1041 chapters, with translations of additional chapters currently in the works."


On their wedding night, she found herself bound to his bed, A daring woman for marrying another man instead. He ravaged her like a wolf, leaving nothing in his wake, But little did she know, it was the one forcing her to partake. A beast in human form, he was the one she despised, As she gritted her teeth and struggled to rise. She, a modern king, reborn in this unfamiliar land, Seeking revenge on those who owed her a blood debt so grand. But this evil king, she had never laid eyes upon, Yet every night, she had to repay him with her body, dawn to dawn.


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