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Dungeon Defense

Dungeon Defense

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The novel "Dungeon Defense" has gained a lot of popularity among readers, as it combines elements of action, drama, and ecchi. It is written by the talented author Yoo Heonhwa and has been translated into 39 chapters so far, with all chapters now fully translated.


:"Have you ever wondered how the world will come to an end? Step into the shoes of a hero and take on the ultimate challenge of defeating the 72 Demon Lords in the highly acclaimed strategy game, 'Dungeon Attack'. I used to be the unbeatable hero who had conquered every obstacle in this game. But after unknowingly participating in a questionable survey, I suddenly found myself reincarnated as the weakest Demon Lord, known as "Dantalian". With only my cunning wit and memories of my past victories as a hero, I must now navigate this treacherous world as Dantalian. And in order to survive, I must use all my skills to bring chaos and destruction upon this world."


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