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Dragoon - The way to the dragon knight

Dragoon - The way to the dragon knight

Chapters 170Views 29Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
"Enter the world of the dragon knight with Dragoon, a beloved light novel that combines elements of Action, Adventure, and Comedy. Penned by the talented author Mishima Yomu, this series has captured the hearts of readers with its 170 translated chapters, each one expertly crafted and fully translated for your enjoyment."


Rudel Arses, the eldest son of one of the Three Lords of the Courtois Kingdom, hails from a family with a tainted reputation. However, at the tender age of five, his fate as a potential villain took an unexpected turn when he caught sight of a majestic dragon soaring through the sky. Despite being labeled as a fool, Rudel's encounter with the mythical creature sparked a newfound determination within him. Little did anyone know, this would be the catalyst for his transformation into a dragoon and ultimately, a change in the kingdom's destiny.


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