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Dragon-Marked War God

Dragon-Marked War God

Chapters 3051Views 23Bookmarked 3.1KStatusOngoing
"DragonMarked War God is a highly sought-after light novel that delves into the realms of Action, Adventure, and Comedy. Crafted by the talented author Su Yue Xi, this captivating tale has already spanned 3051 chapters with ongoing translations for the remaining ones."


:"After a hundred years, the once renowned Saint has been reincarnated. With his exceptional abilities, he strives to reclaim his position as the greatest in the world. Do not dare challenge me in the art of creating pills, for even 100% success rate holds no weight against my skills. Do not dare compete with my cultivation speed, lest you meet your demise from shame. And do not dare question my experience, for I am an ancient ancestor. The presence of Jiang Chen is bound to mock countless geniuses..."


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