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Douluo Dalu

Douluo Dalu

Chapters 331Views 17Bookmarked 3.1KStatusOngoing
"Douluo Dalu is a beloved light novel that has captured the hearts of readers with its thrilling blend of Action, Adventure, and Fantasy. Penned by the talented author Tang Jia San Shao, this epic tale spans an impressive 331 chapters, all of which have been expertly translated for fans to enjoy."


Tang Sect, the renowned martial arts sect, was known throughout the land. However, one of its own, Tang San, committed a grave offense by stealing their most sacred teachings in pursuit of his own desires. As punishment, he sacrificed himself by jumping off the treacherous Hells Peak and leaving his legacy to the sect. Little did he know that this act would lead to his reincarnation in a world unlike any he had ever known. A world without magic, martial arts, or vendettas. A place where only the mystical souls of battle held power. This was the continent of Douluo. Now, Tang San must navigate this unfamiliar terrain and find a way to survive. With a new path ahead of him, a new legend is about to unfold.


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