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Death Scripture

Death Scripture

Chapters 971Views 13Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
: "The Death Scripture novel, written by the renowned author Cold Glamor, has gained immense popularity among readers for its captivating blend of Action, Drama, and Fantasy elements. With a total of 971 translated chapters and ongoing translations for the remaining ones, this light novel has captured the hearts of many."


Gu Shenwei was born into a life of luxury and privilege, indulging in carefree days without a worry in the world. However, everything changed when he was just 14 years old. His entire family was brutally murdered, leaving him with nothing but grief and a thirst for revenge. Caught by bandits, Gu Shenwei was sold into slavery, forced to endure insults and back-breaking labor. But fate had other plans for him. By chance, he entered Golden Roc Fort and came face to face with the man responsible for his family's death. With determination and perseverance, he worked tirelessly to improve his kung fu skills, all while secretly plotting against his enemy right under his nose. As he grew stronger and more powerful, Gu Shenwei's ambition only intensified. He would not rest until his enemy was completely destroyed, by any means necessary. His bitter experiences transformed him into a different person, consumed by a desire for vengeance. This is not just a tale of kung fu, but a story filled with mysteries and unexpected twists. It delves into themes of love, betrayal, and distance as we follow an ordinary boy who defies all odds to fight against formidable foes. It is a journey of a person who felt abandoned by the world, yet never gave up on creating a new world of his own, even if it meant standing alone.


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