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Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapters 293Views 17Bookmarked 3.1KStatusOngoing
The thrilling tale of Chaotic Lightning Cultivation has captured the hearts of readers worldwide. This highly acclaimed light novel, penned by the talented WordPad, delves into the realms of Action, Adult, and Adventure genres. With 293 captivating chapters already translated and more in the works, this novel continues to enthrall fans with its electrifying storyline.


Song Zhong's parents were renowned as the most talented members of the sect. However, their lives were tragically cut short during a mission when Song Zhong was just a young child of six years old. Despite being born into a family of esteemed practitioners, Song Zhong did not show any exceptional abilities in the five elements. In fact, his body seemed to possess a perfect balance of all five elements, making him an outcast among his peers. Due to his lack of talent, Song Zhong was labeled as "trash" and was not given the same level of respect that his parents had received. He was only assigned one task - to collect garbage for the sect until he reached the age for the initial test, where he would have to prove his worthiness to stay in the sect. With no other options, Song Zhong devoted himself to cultivating the only inheritance left by his parents - a mysterious black pearl. However, much to his disappointment, this pearl seemed to have no use other than helping him collect garbage.


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