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Castle of Black Iron

Castle of Black Iron

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The Castle of Black Iron novel has gained immense popularity among readers, with its captivating blend of Fantasy, Harem, and Action elements. Penned by the talented author Drunken Tiger in 2015, this light novel has been translated into numerous chapters, all of which have been fully translated for readers to enjoy.


Following the Catastrophe, all societal norms were completely rewritten. In the era of Black Iron, survival depended on steel, iron, steam engines, and military prowess. Amidst this chaotic world, a young commoner named Zhang Tie was chosen by the fates and bestowed with a miraculous tree that bore wondrous fruits. But fate had other plans for Zhang Tie as he was thrust into a never-ending war between humans and monsters on a barren continent. To gain strength, one must harness the power of crystals and cultivate their body. As Zhang Tie embarks on his journey, he uncovers thrilling tales of enigmatic clans, ancient Eastern secrets, and hidden treasures in the underground realm - all within the walls of the Castle of Black Iron.


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