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Back Then, I Adored You

Back Then, I Adored You

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"Once a beloved novel, Back Then, I Adored You has captured the hearts of readers with its romantic storyline. Penned by the talented Ye Fei Ye, this light novel spans an impressive 1074 chapters. And to the delight of fans, the translation of all chapters has been successfully completed."


Originally known as Prince Charmings Next Door, the story ended with a twist. One night, she accidentally slept with him and two months later, she discovered she was pregnant. In a whirlwind of events, they got married and welcomed their baby, Mr. Gu, into the world. She loved the food at this particular restaurant, so much so that they hired the chef to work for them exclusively. And her love for the bags of a certain brand led to the designer being employed solely for her. She felt like a stranger to her husband after marriage, but little did she know, he adored her beyond her wildest dreams. He fulfilled all her desires, except for one - allowing her to have a job. Feeling restless and bored at home, she secretly searched for a job. However, every company she was hired by somehow went bankrupt. It wasn't until she confronted him in anger that she found out it was all his doing. But instead of apologizing, he offered her a job with a sly grin on his face. The next day, as she happily went to her new office, she saw her employee ID card on the desk with the name Qin Zhiai and the position "Wife of Gu Yusheng."


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