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Ancient Strengthening Technique (Xnovel)

Ancient Strengthening Technique (Xnovel)

Chapters 2491Views 31Bookmarked 3.1KStatusOngoing
The novel "Ancient Strengthening Technique" has become a beloved light read among fans of Action, Adventure, and Comedy. Penned by the talented author I Am Superfluous, this epic tale spans an impressive 2491 chapters, all of which have been expertly translated for readers to enjoy. With the translation of every single chapter now complete, fans can fully immerse themselves in the thrilling world of "Ancient Strengthening Technique."


: In this epic tale, we follow the journey of Qing Shui, a fierce warrior who has traversed dimensions and landed in the mystical land of Kyushu. The continent is known for its brutal battles and countless lives lost, but Qing Shui remains undaunted as he embarks on his quest to master the Ancient Strengthening Technique. Accompanied by twelve stunningly beautiful women, each with unmatched grace and charm, Qing Shui sets out to conquer the treacherous terrain and claim his rightful place at the top of the world. But it won't be an easy feat, as he must face storms of blood and wind, leaving behind a trail of corpses and bones. With unwavering determination, Qing Shui devotes himself to intense training for a decade, driven by a burning desire for revenge against the one who abandoned his mother. As he rises through the ranks, he also finds himself surrounded by alluring women who are drawn to his strength and power. But make no mistake, this is not just a tale of conquest and romance. It is a story of perseverance, ambition, and ultimately, redemption. So join me on this thrilling adventure as we witness Qing Shui's rise to greatness and his pursuit of love and justice.


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