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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapters 3261Views 11Bookmarked 3.1KStatusCompleted
: "Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao, a beloved light novel that combines elements of Action, Fantasy, and Harem. Penned by the talented Flying Alone, this novel boasts an impressive 3261 chapters, with ongoing translations of even more exciting chapters."


: The great warrior known as the Alchemy Emperor, Ling Han, met his demise in his pursuit of godhood. But after ten thousand years, he was reborn as a young man bearing the same name, armed with the powerful Invincible Heaven Scroll. With determination and skill, he faced countless talented individuals in this new era. And so, his journey to becoming a legend began once again. In all the ages that have passed, I stand as the mightiest under the heavens.


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